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Starfield Xbox Game Pass Release Date: What Time Does Starfield Release?

The highly anticipated space-faring RPG, Starfield, has been generating a buzz among gamers, with early access available to those who purchased the Premium Edition or its upgrade. As players excitedly explore the depths of the cosmos, there’s another question on everyone’s mind: when will Starfield be available on Xbox Game Pass? Let’s dive into the details and unveil the launch date, worldwide release times, and what this means for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Countdown to Xbox Game Pass Release

The wait is almost over for Xbox Game Pass subscribers eager to embark on their interstellar adventures. Starfield is set to make its debut on Xbox Game Pass on Wednesday, September 6, at 1am BST, which translates to Tuesday, September 5, at 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT. This synchronized global release ensures that players worldwide can experience the game simultaneously, eliminating the possibility of early access via time zone tricks.

The Advantage for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

For those who are already immersed in a sea of remarkable 2023 releases like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the news gets even better. Starfield is joining the lineup of games available on Xbox Game Pass and is expected to remain there for the long haul. Microsoft’s commitment to keeping their first-party titles on the platform means that Starfield could be a part of your gaming experience as long as Xbox Game Pass continues to exist.

Opting for Early Access vs. Waiting

While early access for Starfield’s Premium Edition owners comes with its perks, such as exclusive DLC and extra goodies, the countdown to the official release on September 6th might make you consider your options. As the early access period dwindles, the value of the Premium Edition may diminish, prompting some players to hold off until the worldwide launch to ensure they experience the complete package.


Starfield’s imminent arrival on Xbox Game Pass marks a significant milestone for gaming enthusiasts eagerly awaiting their chance to venture into the cosmos. With the global release times ensuring a synchronized launch, players worldwide will have the opportunity to explore the depths of space simultaneously. For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the journey doesn’t stop there; Starfield is poised to become a staple on the platform, offering limitless possibilities for discovery and exploration. Whether you’ve already delved into the early access or are planning to jump in on the official release, Starfield’s captivating universe awaits your exploration.

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