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800 Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Story, Plot & Much More!

The world of cinema frequently turns to real-life heroes for inspiration, crafting stories that not only entertain but enlighten audiences about iconic figures. One such highly anticipated biographical film set to hit screens is “800” – a tribute to the legendary Sri Lankan cricketer, Muthiah Muralitharan.

Overview of “800”

At its core, “800” is an inspiring tale of perseverance and passion. The film recounts Muralitharan’s journey as one of cricketing history’s great bowlers who earned 800 wickets over his test career – thus inspiring its title.

Behind the Scenes

Helmed by MS Sripathy, and produced under the banner of Movie Train Motion Pictures by Vivek Rangachari, the movie promises to deliver a poignant narrative. With the screenplay and story penned down by Sripathy and Shehan Karunatilaka, the project is enriched by Ghibran’s music compositions.

Cast and Characters

Taking on the massive responsibility of portraying the legendary Muralitharan is Madhur Mittal, known for his stellar performance in the Oscar-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire. While the initial choice for the role was Vijay Sethupathi, due to undisclosed reasons, the mantle was passed on to Mittal.

Supporting Roles

The ensemble cast includes talents like Mahima Nambiar and Akshay Batchu, ensuring the film has a perfect blend of seasoned and emerging actors. Their roles, while not elaborated upon, promise to add depth and nuance to the narrative.

Production and Release Insights

A biopic of such magnitude deserves a wide audience, and “800” ensures just that by releasing in four languages: Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and English. This multilingual approach guarantees that the film reaches cricket enthusiasts and cinephiles across regions.

Anticipated Release

Fans of both cinema and cricket are eagerly awaiting the end of 2023, which is when the film is slated for release.

Early Reception and Speculations

While the film remains under wraps, the first look poster and the trailer have generated significant buzz. The general consensus, based on early glimpses, leans towards positive, earning a preliminary rating of 3/5.

Box Office and Duration Expectations

While it’s early days to predict the box office collection, given the universal appeal of Muralitharan’s story, “800” promises to be a commercial success. The expected runtime of the film is 2 hours and 2 minutes, ensuring a gripping tale that doesn’t overstay its welcome.


The tale of Muthiah Muralitharan is not just one of cricketing glory; it’s a story of relentless perseverance, overcoming adversities, and shattering records. “800” seeks to encapsulate this journey, introducing the legend to a new generation and rekindling memories for those who watched him spin magic on the field.

As 2023 draws closer, one thing is certain: cricket aficionados and film lovers alike will flock to theaters to witness this larger-than-life story. Until then, the anticipation builds, and the legacy of Muthiah Muralitharan continues to inspire.

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