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Voice Of Sathyanathan OTT Release Date 2023, Countdown, Cast, Story & Where To Watch

One of the gems from the Malayalam film industry, “Voice of Sathyanathan,” has made quite an impact on the Malayali audience. Packed with humor, Dileep’s film takes viewers on an entertaining and immersive journey as Sathyanathan (Dileep). Now, as it transitions from theaters to streaming services there’s much to unpack from this project.

A Glimpse into the Voice of Sathyanathan

After a significant break, Dileep marked his return with “Voice of Sathyanathan.” Directed by Raffi, the film showcased Dileep in a familiar comedic avatar, much to the joy of his fans. His performance was complemented by Veena Nandakumar, who portrayed his wife, and the duo offered the audience a delightful experience.

The Intriguing Plot

The film revolves around Sathyanathan, a furniture businessman, and his life’s humorous complications arising from miscommunications. While trying to threaten his Panchayat President, his words get misconstrued as a threat to the Indian President, leading to unforeseen consequences.

OTT Release: A New Viewing Experience

While the theatrical release on July 28, 2023, brought laughter to many, the transition to OTT platforms opens the door for an even broader audience. Disney+ Hotstar has reportedly acquired the rights, which means fans can soon enjoy the film from the comfort of their homes.

Expected Release on Disney+ Hotstar

Although the exact OTT release date remains under wraps, speculations suggest it’ll be sometime in September 2023. Given the increasing appeal of digital platforms, the film’s presence on Disney+ Hotstar can introduce it to viewers outside Kerala, further boosting its popularity.

The Stellar Cast and Their Unforgettable Roles

While Dileep’s performance was undoubtedly commendable, the supporting cast, including the likes of Siddique, Makarand Deshpande, and Jagapathi Babu, managed to leave an indelible mark. Their performances, in some instances, even overshadowed the main lead, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Veena Nandakumar’s Blossoming Career

Playing the role of Dileep’s wife, Veena Nandakumar showcased her prowess as an actor. After her impressive debut alongside Asif Ali in “Kettiyolu Malakha,” she continues to prove her mettle in the Malayalam film industry.

Voice of Sathyanathan: A Delight for Malayalam Cinema Lovers

Amidst the comedic instances and hilarious misinterpretations lies a narrative on the importance of clear communication. Sathyanathan’s constant misadventures due to his verbal slips serve as a reminder of the chaos that can arise from innocent misunderstandings.

A Must-Watch for Every Malayali

“Voice of Sathyanathan” is an absolute must-see if you love Malayalam cinema; with its perfect mix of comedy and drama combined with amazing performances by its cast, “Voice of Sathyanathan” will entertain viewers of all ages.


The journey of “Voice of Sathyanathan” from the big screen to OTT platforms represents the evolving dynamics of the film industry. As viewers eagerly await its digital release, one thing is certain: Sathyanathan’s voice will continue to resonate and bring smiles to many more faces.

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