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Heather Dubrows Net Worth: What Is American Reality Star Heather Dubrows Net Worth?

Heather Dubrow, an evergreen star from The Real Housewives of Orange County, made her impactful debut in Season 7. But after entertaining fans for five seasons, she took a noticeable five-year hiatus. Now, with renewed energy, she’s back in the spotlight, and her return coincides with the unveiling of her luxurious Crystal Cove mansion. But just who is Heather Dubrow and what has powered her luxurious lifestyle? Let’s delve into her life’s journey.

Heather Dubrow’s Rise to Fame

Birthdate: Jan. 5, 1969
Birthplace: Bronx, N.Y.
Birth name: Heather Paige Kent
Father: Conrad S. Kent

The Bronx native started off in Hollywood, initially venturing into acting. With roles in TV hits like “Married With Children” and “Stark Raving Mad”, Heather showcased her talent. However, it was her entry into the world of reality TV in 2012 with The Real Housewives of Orange County that solidified her place in the spotlight.

Transitioning from Acting to Reality TV

Heather’s introduction to the Real Housewives franchise came through her friend Tamara Judge. Quickly becoming an integral part of the show, she had her fair share of highs and lows. Notably, her disagreements with cast member Kelly Dodd made headlines. These tensions eventually saw Heather exit the show in 2016.

However, Heather’s exit from reality TV saw her revert to her first love: acting. She graced screens with guest roles in “Hot in Cleveland”, “Hawaii Five-0”, and “Malibu Country”. Not just restricting herself to television, Heather took to podcasting with “Heather Dubrow’s World”, providing an additional stream to her flourishing net worth.

The Dubrow Power Couple

Married to Terry Dubrow since 1999, their union presents a power couple dynamic that’s hard to ignore. While Heather shines in front of the camera, Terry Dubrow has made a name for himself in the medical world. Known widely as an accomplished plastic surgeon based in Newport Beach, his surgical skills gained wider attention on E!’s reality show “Botched”, where he, along with Dr. Paul Nassif, remedied plastic surgeries gone wrong.

Outside of “Botched”, Terry’s TV presence has been felt in shows like FOX’s “The Swan”, E!’s “Bridalplasty”, and the talk show “Good Work”, where he shared the stage with RuPaul and Sandra Vergara.

Collaborations and Business Ventures

The synergy between Heather and Terry extends beyond their personal life. They’ve collaborated on several projects, most notably the 2018 publication “The Dubrow Diet”. This diet combines the principles of intermittent fasting with a low-carb regimen.

Apart from the health sector, the Dubrows ventured into the beauty industry with their company, Consult Beaute. With a hemp-based skincare line and keto diet supplements, the couple has diversified their business interests substantially.

Real Estate and Luxurious Lifestyle

One of their key investments has been real estate. In 2013, Heather and Robert Dubrow sold their Orange County mansion for an astounding $16.4 million to fund their next major endeavor: building their dream home in Newport Beach for another whopping $21 million! Now known for Heather’s comedic adventures with Housewives, these magnificent residences often serve as backdrops.

Heather Dubrow’s Net Worth

With so many ventures and partnerships under her belt, Heather’s net worth is often discussed among fans and friends alike. To date, Heather stands at an astounding $50 Million net worth; much of her fortune can be credited to her husband’s successful career while Heather herself unquestionably contributed significantly towards their combined wealth.

Heather Dubrow’s return to The Real Housewives of Orange County marks not just an enormous win for fans, but is also testament to her resilience and versatility as an actress, businessperson and reality TV star. Heather continues to make waves within entertainment circles through acting careers, business ventures and reality TV appearances alike.

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