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Who Is Taylor Fritz Girlfriend? How Long Have Morgan Riddle And Taylor Fritz Been Together?

The US Open has always been a hub of excitement, not just for the tennis matches but for the stories that brew on the sidelines. While Taylor Fritz has undoubtedly made waves with his tennis skills, his girlfriend, Morgan Riddle, is generating her own buzz off the court. Here’s a closer look at the woman turning heads and winning hearts during Taylor Fritz’s matches.

Morgan’s Rising Stardom Amidst the US Open

On Sept. 5, 2023, Taylor Fritz’s spirited battle with tennis maestro Novak Djokovic had everyone on the edge of their seats. While the outcome didn’t favor Taylor, the digital realm was alight with admiration, not for him, but for Morgan. Her continuous support for Taylor was evident when she expressed her excitement after Taylor’s victory over Dominic Stricker, proclaiming her pride on Instagram.

Who is Morgan Riddle?

To those new to the Morgan Riddle wave, she is more than just “Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend”. Morgan has successfully carved a niche for herself in the digital domain. With an impressive following of 400,000 on TikTok and over 150,000 on Instagram, Morgan is recognized as a social media influencer and blogger. Her posts often encapsulate her travels and adventures with Taylor as he hops from one tournament to another.

Originating from Minnesota, Morgan holds a degree in English language and literature from Wagner College. Her professional journey saw her dabble in real estate before making a switch to entertainment. This transition seems fitting given her recent title by The New York Times as “the Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis”. Besides her digital presence, her striking sartorial choices at tennis matches have also made headlines.

A Modern Love Story: Taylor and Morgan’s Encounter

The onset of their relationship is quite contemporary, having blossomed in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020. Their first rendezvous? A movie night featuring the horror film “Midsommar”. Despite Morgan’s unorthodox movie choice, it seems to have charmed Taylor. Their bond has only strengthened since, with the two becoming inseparable.

The tennis realm has further embraced Morgan with open arms. Her collaboration with Wimbledon for a digital series, ‘Wimbledon Threads’, saw her critique tennis outfits. Reflecting on this venture with People, Morgan labeled it a “big win”, emphasizing her delight in gaining recognition in the tennis world.

Taylor’s Rock-solid Support System: Meet the Fritzes

While Morgan has captured significant attention, Taylor’s parents, Guy Henry Fritz and Kathy May, have been the backbone of his journey. Both accomplished tennis players in their own right, they have provided unwavering support to Taylor.

Guy, post his tennis playing days, donned the hat of a tennis coach and was instrumental in shaping Taylor’s career. Kathy, on the other hand, has had a commendable tennis journey. With a WTA title win in 1973 and three Grand Slam quarterfinals under her belt, she reached an impressive career-high world ranking of number 10.

More than Just Tennis

The US Open 2023 has reiterated that tennis isn’t just about the game; it’s also about the stories that surround it. While Taylor Fritz continues to mesmerize with his racquet, Morgan Riddle, with her charisma and charm, ensures the spotlight shines just as brightly off the court. The next time you’re engrossed in a Fritz match, remember there’s a captivating narrative evolving on the sidelines, starring Morgan Riddle.

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