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Who Did Kristin Chenoweth Marry? Who Is Kristin Chenoweth Husband?

Dallas, Texas was shimmering with romance on September 2nd as Tony award-winning actress and singer, Kristin Chenoweth, tied the knot with her musician beau, Josh Bryant. The 55-year-old starlet, who had once sworn off marriage, found her happily ever after in the arms of 41-year-old Bryant.

A Bachelorette No More: Kristin’s Change of Heart

“I was never going to get married,” Chenoweth confessed in an interview with PEOPLE. This proclamation wasn’t mere words. She’d even been engaged before and walked away. But everything shifted when Josh entered her life. “Why would I ever let this guy go?” she mused.

The Grand Texas Ceremony: Pink Hues and Canine Companions

The nuptial celebrations began with a rehearsal dinner at the upscale Capital Grille, followed by a Baskin-Robbins custom cake treat. The big day saw 140 guests gathering at a private Dallas residence, with melodies from a string quartet setting the ambiance. And while such traditional nuances painted a classic wedding picture, it was their dog, Thunder, who stole the show. Serving as the ring bearer, Thunder paraded to the hit AC/DC song “Thunderstruck.”

Chenoweth’s wedding attire was anything but typical. The actress donned a Pamella Roland gown, which had a sheer overlay of nude and pink, adorned with tiny pearl flowers. Bryant complemented her perfectly in a J Crew ensemble, accentuated by Prada accessories.

A Blend of Tradition and Personal Touches

Their vows were a mix of tradition and humor. With a hint of mischief in her eyes, Chenoweth exclaimed she certainly wouldn’t be saying “obey!” Their Christian faith echoed during the ceremony as they incorporated “The Prayer” performed by a talented quartet and directed by Mary-Mitchell Campbell.

Crystal Frasier Weddings crafted the décor, which was a soothing palette of soft colors. The wedding space was transformed into a floral wonderland by David Kimmel Design, with a myriad of blooms creating a romantic atmosphere.

The Toast to Love: From “Wicked Margaritas” to Dunkin’ Treats

Guests were treated to an array of cocktails, notably the “Wicked Margarita”, tipping a hat to Chenoweth’s role as Glinda in the Broadway sensation, “Wicked”. The dinner menu boasted a southern comfort theme, followed by a magnificent five-tier Mexican vanilla bean wedding cake.

And as the night danced on, the guests indulged in late-night treats from Dunkin and 7-11 Slurpees. The departing gift? Bags brimming with goodies ranging from Nest candles to Doritos.

The Story Behind the Romance

The duo’s love story began in 2016 during a wedding where Bryant’s band performed. Despite the initial camaraderie, it was at another family wedding two years later that sparks truly flew. Chenoweth recalled, “He shows up to the concert and that was it for me.”

The age difference of 14 years was a fleeting concern for Chenoweth. However, their bond, especially during trying times such as the loss of one of Chenoweth’s dear friends during the pandemic, only deepened. Bryant reminisced about their first meeting, saying, “When you just have that feeling when you first see somebody.”

The Dance of Love and Famous Faces

Their first dance, set to the classic “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”, witnessed soulful renditions by Ty Herndon and Toby Freeman. The couple’s shared passion for music also echoed throughout the reception, with Bryant orchestrating a musical jam session.

The star-studded guest list included names like David Foster, Katharine McPhee, and Broadway maestro Andrew Lippa, among others.

Conclusion: Love, Against All Odds

For Chenoweth, this wedding was unexpected, but every bit cherished. “It’s about damn time!” she quipped, reflecting on her marital journey. Bryant chimed in, emphasizing the sanctity of their bond. As the curtains fell on this Texas love story, one thing was clear: love always finds its way, sometimes in the most unexpected moments.

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