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Does Dushane Die In Top Boy? Who killed Dushane? Top Boy Season 3 Ending Explained

Netflix’s highly-acclaimed crime drama series “Top Boy” has reached its most gut-wrenching season end yet. As fans reel from the intensity of the events that unfolded in Summerhouse, there’s a desire to comprehend and digest the heavy implications of its conclusion. Let’s delve deeper into the season finale of Top Boy Season 3, or as dedicated fans might argue, the fifth installment of the show.

The Unravelling of Old Alliances

The season had been a roller coaster ride with escalating tensions, built up loyalties, and complex backstories. Sully and Dushane, once the most formidable pair in the London drug trade, found themselves at opposite ends. This was further exacerbated when Sully discovered that Jaq had stolen a staggering 25 kilos of heroin from him. As the chase ensued, Sully’s confrontation with Jaq promised a temporary truce.

Simultaneously, Dushane’s crime of killing his former ally Jeffrey weighed heavy on his conscience. His paranoia and anxiety over the repercussions made him desperate to leave the UK.

Chaos at Summerhouse

The riot at the Summerhouse estate is emblematic of the broader tensions and frustrations simmering among the residents. The tragic event involving the young girl and the police car added fuel to an already explosive situation. As Dushane attempted to navigate through this tumult, his desperation became evident when he decided to barter stolen drugs for his escape.

Betrayal and Retribution

A significant turning point came when Sully realized Kieron’s betrayal. The mysterious and sudden disappearance of Kieron hints at a grim fate, solidifying the stakes at hand. Then, there’s Dushane’s cunning move against Jaq. In an attempt to secure his exit, he double-crosses Jaq, leading to a series of events that would be the end of the two major characters of the series.

The Final Confrontation

The climactic scene between Sully and Dushane offers an emotional closure to their strained relationship. Sully’s poignant statement, “If we are not monsters, we’re food, and I could never be food,” resonates with the raw, visceral reality of life on the streets. It encapsulates the ethos of the show and their friendship – a world where survival is paramount, and alliances are fleeting.

The Grim Endings

The fatalities in this season finale are tragic and hold a mirror to the cyclical nature of crime, vengeance, and street politics. Both Dushane and Sully, the iconic characters who have dominated five seasons of Top Boy, meet their untimely demise. The deaths signify an end of an era for Summerhouse and its underworld activities. Additionally, the loss of other minor but pivotal characters in the series adds to the grave atmosphere that hangs over Summerhouse.

The Aftermath and Lingering Questions

The estate’s future remains uncertain. With the aggressive gentrification plans in place and the recent riots, Summerhouse might never be the same again.

And then there’s the most burning question that fans are grappling with – who killed Sully? The blonde-haired assailant, obscured and mysterious, has left viewers scrambling for clues. Given Sully’s tumultuous journey to power and the many enemies he has made, the suspect list is long.

What’s Next for Top Boy?

While the ending seems final for some characters, the story of Summerhouse and its residents is far from over. The estate, which has been a focal point throughout the series, stands at a precipice. The implications of the riots and the anticipated police response will undoubtedly shape the events of any subsequent seasons. Additionally, characters like Stefan and Jaq might hold the key to future storylines.


Top Boy Season 3’s finale “If We Are Not Monsters” was an exceptional example of storytelling. It showed how fragile alliances, expensive ambition and inevitable retribution can all impact one another in dramatic ways – with several characters meeting their tragic end as part of its narrative arc. The world of Top Boy, though marred with tragedy, remains a compelling exploration of urban life, power dynamics, and personal relationships.

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