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Cris Collinsworth Net Worth: How Much Is Cris Collinsworth Paid?

Cris Collinsworth stands out in sports broadcasting like no one else. Former NFL player turned commentator has become an iconic name within football circles due to his seamless transition between playing on and commentating for football games and working behind a commentary booth. Discover his life, career and financial achievements for yourself now.

Cris Collinsworth’s Journey from Gridiron to the Mic

Cris Collinsworth began his professional journey as a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1981-1988 as wide receiver, wearing their jersey from 1981 through 1988 and winning three Pro-Bowl honors – evidence of his athletic prowess – as a wide receiver, earning three Pro Bowl awards along with being honored in University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame as an individual contributor and earning him induction into their Athletic Hall. However, following retirement Cris found his true calling and has excelled as sports commentator ever since!

Cris Collinsworth Net Worth

By 2023, Collinsworth’s net worth has surged to an impressive $25 million. Though his NFL stint was remarkable, the major chunk of his wealth springs from his broadcast career. He is a familiar voice on platforms like the NFL Network, CBS, and Showtime, particularly during the Saturday Night Football segment.

Collinsworth isn’t just limited to commentary. His business acumen shines through his major investment in Pro Football Focus, an innovative NFL data tech company. This venture monitors statistics and performance metrics, further elevating Collinsworth’s stature in the sports industry.

Collinsworth’s Salary: A Broadcasting Giant

NBC recognizes Collinsworth’s value, mirrored in his annual salary of approximately $12.5 million. Negotiated in late 2021, this contract marked a significant hike from his previous $4 million deal. Rumors swirled about a potential move to Amazon Prime, but the renewed contract anchored him firmly with NBC.

Endorsements and Investments:

Though endorsements aren’t Collinsworth’s primary revenue stream, he did surprise many by becoming the face of ‘Western & Southern Financial Group’ in 2013. A prominent Cincinnati-based financial conglomerate, this partnership showcased a rare instance of Collinsworth in the endorsement sphere.

But investments are where Collinsworth truly shines. As the majority owner and CEO of Pro Football Focus, he oversees a company with a valuation stretching into nine figures. His astuteness was further on display when he sold a minority stake to Silver Lake for an astounding $50 million.

Collinsworth’s Residential Bliss

Fort Thomas, Kentucky, serves as home for Collinsworth and his family. It’s not just any home, though. Crafted by Collinsworth and his wife Holly Bankemper, this mini-compound features a sprawling 7000 square-foot main house. Add to that a barn, a serene swimming pool, and a dedicated pool house, and you have a residence befitting a star.

Charity and Philanthropy:

Beyond the glitz, glamour, and financial achievements, Collinsworth’s heart beats for the community. Through his organization, the ‘Proscan Fund’, he wages a relentless war against breast cancer. From free mammograms to educational campaigns and support systems, the Fund’s initiatives touch countless lives. Furthermore, its endeavors to uplift children’s self-esteem through sportsmanship and critical thinking deserve applause.


Cris Collinsworth’s story isn’t just about athletic talent or broadcasting excellence. It’s about reinvention, wise financial choices, and a commitment to uplift society. As football seasons come and go, his legacy, both on and off the field, remains etched in gold.

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