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Clark Hunt Net Worth: How Much Money Does Clark Hunt Make?

Clark Hunt is more than a successful businessman; he’s also an avid sports enthusiast, an analytical thinker, and an influential member of both sports and business circles. Although Hunt may best known as being the primary owner, Chairman, and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs; his contributions extend far beyond this position. Let us delve into his life and witness his journey from being part of one legacy to forging his own path to greatness!

Clark Hunt Net Worth

H.L. Hunt was more than just another businessman; he was an icon. Starting off by winning poker bets and then investing the profits into Texas oil fields – eventually owning part of East Texas Oil Field by 1948! By 1975 when H.L. Hunt passed on he had amassed between $400 – 700 Million; which would equate to between $2.1 – $3.7 Billions now!

Kansas City Chiefs: From Dallas Texans to NFL Stalwarts

The NFL story of the Hunt family began with Lamar Hunt, H.L. Hunt’s son and Clark’s father. Originally keen on purchasing the Chicago Cardinals, Lamar’s offer was rejected. But with tenacity that seems to run in the family, Lamar, along with other affluent individuals, founded the American Football League (AFL). He launched the Dallas Texans, which after a short stint and realizing Dallas couldn’t host two football teams, was moved to Kansas City and rechristened the Chiefs. The NFL-AFL merger in 1966 was a turning point, leading to the inception of the now-famous “Super Bowl,” a term coined by Lamar himself.

Clark’s Early Days and Education

Born into wealth in Dallas, Texas in 1965, Clark was always bound for great things. Attending St. Mark’s School of Texas before attending Southern Methodist University to earn degrees in finance and business administration and as an accomplished athlete (two-time All American soccer). Throughout these studies he played two All American seasons of soccer while at SMU.

Life Beyond Football: Goldman Sachs and Major League Soccer

After his university years, Clark spent two years at Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading investment banking firms. However, family business beckoned, and he returned to Texas. Clark never lost his passion for soccer; along with his father he played an essential part in founding Major League Soccer (MLS). They initiated the Kansas City Wizards, retaining ownership until 2006. Currently, Clark is not just a member of the MLS’ board of governors but also owns FC Dallas, marking his continued association with soccer.

Inheriting the Chiefs and Leading Them to Victory

The demise of Lamar Hunt in 2006 marked a new chapter for the Kansas City Chiefs. The team’s ownership went to Lamar’s four children, who unanimously elected Clark as the team Chairman and CEO. Under Clark’s leadership, the Chiefs have seen significant successes, including two Super Bowl wins in 2020 and 2023.

Clark Hunt: The Man Behind the Titles

On the personal front, Clark is much more than his titles and ownerships. He married Tavia Shackles in 1993, a former Miss Missouri Teen USA and Miss Kansas USA. The couple is blessed with three children. While he remains a public figure due to his professional endeavors, Clark is known to value privacy, especially when it concerns his family.


Clark Hunt’s journey is a testament to the fact that while legacy can provide a platform, carving a niche requires individual effort, passion, and strategic thinking. From the football fields of the NFL to the soccer pitches of MLS, Clark’s influence is widespread, making him an indispensable figure in American sports. As the Kansas City Chiefs look forward to more victories and FC Dallas continues its journey in the MLS, one thing is certain – Clark Hunt will remain at the forefront, leading, strategizing, and innovating.

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