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Laura Benanti Talks About Her Miscarriage That Occurred During A Performance

Although miscarriage is usually a controversial topic, and many women feel alone and isolated when they experience it, it is a topic that is often shrouded in silence. This has been changing, however, as a recent revelation from actress Laura Benanti has helped to change the situation.

Benanti opened up about her miscarriage during a performance, sparking a conversation about women’s and teenagers’ mental and physical health.

Laura Benati Suffered A Miscarriage While Performing

Laura Benanti, a 43-year-old acclaimed actress, and songstress who is also one of the stars of the renowned American TV show Younger, recently shared a heartbreaking revelation with her fans. In a recent Instagram post, the Tony Award-winning actress disclosed that she endured a miscarriage while performing in front of a crowd of 2000 people on a Broadway-themed cruise.

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To give her followers some context, she uploaded a photo of herself performing on that fateful day and a trigger warning. The actress, who is married to Patrick Brown and has two children Ella, born in 2017, and Louisa, born via surrogate in 2022, expressed gratitude for the compassion shown to her by some of the “kindest, most loving humans I will ever have the honor to share space with,” whom she walked the path with on that occasion.

Benanti conveyed that she and her husband are devastated by their loss. However, she expressed her conviction that they will be able to get through this challenging time together, just as they and countless others have done before.

Following Benanti’s Raw Post, His Followers Responded Empathetically

Laura Benanti’s candid post on social media has garnered an array of empathetic responses from her followers. One supporter expressed being deeply moved by her courage, honesty, strength, and resilience. They further acknowledged that individuals who have undergone similar experiences could relate to the emotional toll that performing on stage must have taken on Benanti during that trying time.

Another follower sent heartfelt condolences to Benanti and her family, extending love and wishing them comfort and peace. They also conveyed their admiration for her unwavering strength and offered assurance that she had a supportive community to lean on during this challenging period.

A third commenter referred to Benanti and her family as extraordinary, sending their love, warmth, and comfort during this difficult time.

Benanti Described Pregnancy As The “Voldemort” Of Women’s Health Problems

Benanti described pregnancy as the “Voldemort” of women’s health issues, a term reminiscent of the Harry Potter series in which the villain is referred to as “he who must not be named.” However, she acknowledged that every individual deal with grief differently, and she is not suggesting that all women should publicly disclose their miscarriage if it doesn’t serve them.

However, she proposed that since statistics suggest that miscarriage affects many women and their partners, perhaps we need to cultivate a culture that fosters empathetic understanding. Benanti further noted that in 2015, she wrote an article for The Huffington Post discussing a previous pregnancy loss and the lack of discourse surrounding miscarriage. She recalled speaking with women who had undergone similar experiences and was surprised that the topic was rarely discussed.

The most common response she received when disclosing her miscarriage was that it was prevalent among women. She questioned why such a common issue was only spoken about in hushed tones, if at all. Laura Benanti’s decision to share her experience with miscarriage is a reminder of the power of vulnerability and the importance of speaking out about women’s health and mental health.

Moving forward, don’t you think it’s essential to continue the conversation around women’s health and support those who have experienced miscarriage, reminding them that they are not alone? We would appreciate it if you could kindly contribute your viewpoints and anecdotes related to the same in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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