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What Did Danny Masterson Do? Actor Danny Masterson Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison For Rape

Actor Danny Masterson’s 30-year prison sentence for raping two women has not only shone a light on his personal transgressions but also put the Church of Scientology under intense scrutiny. The Masterson case raises pressing questions about the Church’s influence over its members and its alleged attempts to shield one of its celebrity adherents.

The Verdict and Sentence

In a packed courtroom, Masterson faced the consequences of two counts of rape from the early 2000s. The victims delayed their accusations because they believed Scientology teachings prevented them from reporting a fellow member to the authorities. Judge Charlaine Olmedo handed down a consecutive 15-year sentence for each count, reinforcing the gravity of the actor’s actions.

The Role of Scientology in the Trial

The Masterson trial was not just about the actor’s criminal actions. The trial shed light on Scientology’s potential role in influencing members’ actions and decisions. Victims claimed they were discouraged from reporting the crimes due to church doctrine.

During preliminary hearings, passages from “Introduction to Scientology Ethics”, penned by founder L. Ron Hubbard, seemed to discourage Scientologists from alerting law enforcement about fellow members. The Church has countered these claims, asserting there’s no policy that prevents members from reporting crimes to the police. Yet, Judge Olmedo ruled that such a policy does exist within the church’s teachings.

Impact on the Victims

The victims in the trial highlighted the immense personal and social cost of speaking out against a prominent member of the Church of Scientology. Jen B., a second-generation Scientologist, felt the church excommunicated her after reporting Masterson to the police in 2004. Her relationships with family members, deeply entrenched in the church, deteriorated.

N. Trout echoed the sentiment, speaking about years of harassment and surveillance by the church after she reported her assault. Both women, however, expressed relief and vindication following Masterson’s conviction.

Church’s Legal Battles Ahead

The Church of Scientology in Los Angeles faces numerous legal battles following Masterson’s conviction. His accusers have filed a civil suit against both he and the church; Leah Remini, an outspoken critic who once practiced Scientology herself has filed her own harassment claim against it.

The Defense’s Stance

Masterson’s defense team staunchly maintains his innocence, pointing out evidentiary and constitutional issues they intend to raise in appeal. They argue that the jury’s verdict does not reflect the evidence presented in the trial. Moreover, they believe there were significant errors that skewed the outcome of the proceedings.

What This Means for Scientology

The Church of Scientology has long been at the center of speculation and debate. The Masterson trial’s emphasis on its influence over members’ choices adds another level to this dialogue about its practices; forthcoming civil lawsuits will further put Scientology under scrutiny, challenging both its doctrines and impacts on its membership.

The Danny Masterson case serves as a stark reminder of the clash between personal rights, religious doctrines, and the justice system. How the Church of Scientology navigates the ensuing legal challenges and public scrutiny remains to be seen.

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