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Who Is Alanna Masterson? Bio, Age, Career, Siblings, Scientologist & Net Worth

In the realm of Hollywood, there are several families that rise to prominence, either through lineage or sheer talent. One such clan is the Masterson family. Comprising of several talented actors, this family has left its mark across different facets of the entertainment industry. Here’s a deeper dive into their world.

Alanna Masterson: Rising Star with a Heart

Born on 27 June 1988 in Long Island, New York, Alanna Masterson is undeniably one of the standout stars of the Masterson family. With a net worth of $2 million, she’s successfully charted her path in the competitive world of showbiz.

Stellar Roles

Undoubtedly, her most recognizable role is that of Tara Chambler in AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead. But her journey began much before this. Alanna has showcased her acting chops in several shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Men at Work. Additionally, she was a part of movies such as Peach Plum Pear and Definitely, Maybe.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

While she juggles her professional commitments, Alanna is also a dedicated mother to her daughter Marlowe. With former boyfriend Brick Stowell, she has set co-parenting goals. Outside of her family life, Alanna’s heart leans towards philanthropy. She shares a close bond with singer and actress Hilary Duff and together they aim to travel to Nepal to construct a primary school.

Danny Masterson: The Controversial Elder Sibling

Danny Masterson, known as Alanna’s half-brother, has made headlines throughout his life for various offenses committed against victims in his lineage. Before his sentencing date was reached, one victim came forward stating she forgave him but still believed he deserved life imprisonment.

Jordan Masterson: Carving His Own Niche

As Danny’s younger half-brother, Jordan Masterson has worked diligently to establish his identity. He’s graced shows like That 70s Show and Star. His portrayal in Marilyn and Bobby: Her Final Affair further cemented his position in the industry.

Christopher Masterson: From Malcolm to Fatherhood

Christopher Masterson, another of Danny’s younger siblings, is perhaps best known for his role in the beloved series Malcolm in the Middle. Off the screen, Christopher is busy playing the role of a father to daughter Chiara with wife Yolanda Pecoraro.

The Church of Scientology and The Mastersons

An intriguing aspect of the Masterson family is their association with the Church of Scientology. All of the Masterson siblings are known members. This affiliation has often come under the scanner and remains a vital aspect of their personal lives.

Conclusion: A Family Steeped in Talent and Controversy

The Mastersons represent the complexity of Hollywood. While their talents are undeniable, their personal choices and affiliations often intersect with their professional success, creating an intricate tapestry of both success and challenge for Alanna and her siblings as they progress in their respective careers. It will be interesting to observe how they navigate fame, faith, and family relationships throughout their journeys.

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