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A Time Called You Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & Where To Watch

Netflix continues to feed the worldwide K-drama frenzy with its newest original series, “A Time Called You.” As we eagerly await the premiere of this South Korean adaptation of the Taiwanese drama “Someday or One Day,” let’s delve into what we know so far.

The Mastery Behind “A Time Called You”

Directed by Kim Jin Won, known for his commendable work on “My Country: The New Age” and “Just Between Lovers,” expectations are sky-high. The series announcement, part of Netflix’s 2023 K-drama slate, gave fans a taste of what’s coming with a few intriguing first-look images and a tantalizing sizzle reel clip.

Release Date and Schedule

Netflix has confirmed that “A Time Called You” Season 1 will debut on September 8th, 2023. While the streaming platform has yet to divulge whether the episodes will be released weekly or in a single drop, K-drama enthusiasts have marked their calendars in anticipation.

Unraveling the Plot

The narrative revolves around Han Jun Hee, a woman grieving the loss of her boyfriend, Ko Yeon Jun, a year after his tragic death. However, the story takes a fantastical twist when Han Jun Hee inexplicably time-travels back to 1998. Now, in the shoes of a high school student named Kwon Min Joo, she encounters Nam Si Heon, a student bearing a striking resemblance to her deceased boyfriend. The duality of pain from the past and the complexities of the present promise a rollercoaster of emotions.

Spotlight on the Cast

  • Jeon Yeo Been: An increasingly prominent face on Netflix, Jeon Yeo Been has an impressive portfolio of roles in the platform’s originals. From “Live” to “Night in Paradise” to “Vincenzo,” she has shown her versatility. In “A Time Called You,” she will be portraying both Han Jun Hee and Kwon Min Joo.
  • Ahn Hyo Seop: Another familiar name for K-drama aficionados, Ahn has been part of Netflix’s “A Business Proposal” and “Abyss.” In this new venture, he will embrace the dual roles of Ko Yeon Jun and Nam Si Heon.
  • Kang Hoon: Though previously seen in supporting roles in series like “You Are My Spring” and “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” “A Time Called You” will be Kang Hoon’s first lead role on Netflix.
  • Lee Min Goo: Having sent chills down our spines as Lee Jin Soo in “All of Us Are Dead,” Lee Min Goo will be appearing in an undisclosed role. He’s also set to appear in the Netflix original “Glitch.”

Episode Count and Structure

The first season of “A Time Called You” will comprise a total of 12 episodes. Given Netflix’s past release patterns for K-dramas, it remains to be seen if the episodes will drop all at once or follow a weekly release structure.

In Conclusion

“A Time Called You” stands out not simply as another K-drama but as an exploration of love, loss and the complexity of time. With two main characters playing opposing roles within an intricate plotline that’s sure to keep viewers guessing until its release date arrives – Netflix’s bet on K-dramas seems to continue hitting home for global audiences!

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