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The Nun 2 Release Date, Ott, Review, Cast & How To Watch Online

The anticipation is tangible as horror fans eagerly await the release of “The Nun 2,” scheduled to hit theaters on September 8, 2023. The movie, an addition to the famed Conjuring Universe, comes five years after the original “The Nun.” So where exactly can you catch this spine-tingling sequel? We’re here to guide you.

The Conjuring Universe Expands

For those unfamiliar, “The Nun” delved into the chilling backstory of Valak, a demonic entity making appearances in multiple Conjuring Universe films. The first installment spotlighted Tessa Farmiga as Sister Irene, delving into a haunting mystery in Romania. With the 2023 sequel, audiences reunite with Farmiga’s character while also meeting a fresh face, Storm Reid’s Sister Debra.

Theatrical Release or Home Experience?

Unlike the trend Warner Bros. set during the pandemic – simultaneous releases in cinemas and on streaming platforms – “The Nun 2” is going old-school with a cinema-only debut. This might be an adjustment for audiences who’ve grown accustomed to home viewings, but the experience promises to be worth it.

However, the burning question remains: when will “The Nun 2” become available for streaming?

The Path to Streaming

Currently, the only guaranteed way to watch “The Nun 2” immediately after release is a trip to the theaters. Online platforms like Fandango can help you locate showings in your vicinity.

For those adamant about home viewing, patience is key. Reliable sources indicate an eventual HBO Max release around October 25, 2023. The inclusion on HBO Max isn’t too surprising. Given Warner Bros.’ distribution rights, most of its movies find their way to this streaming giant. This transition from theaters to HBO Max typically occurs approximately 45 days post-theatrical debut, suggesting a late June streaming release for “The Nun 2.”

Understanding HBO Max’s Role

The film’s journey to HBO Max is significant in another way. May 2023 witnesses the streaming service’s rebranding to “Max.” Hence, “The Nun 2” stands as one of the first films to debut under this new banner, marking an evolution in the platform’s identity.

Other Streaming Options Explored


Despite its global popularity, don’t expect “The Nun 2” on Netflix soon. Given its upcoming HBO Max release, it seems unlikely that Netflix subscribers will get to stream the horror flick in the near future.

Prime Video

Amazon Prime users might have better luck, albeit with a catch. While the film will likely grace Prime Video, expect a rental or purchase fee. The inclusion of Warner Bros. movies on the platform isn’t typically free for subscribers.


Lastly, Hulu enthusiasts might face disappointment. Currently, the platform doesn’t offer any episodes related to “The Nun” series. As the film is exclusive to HBO Max post its theatrical run, Hulu seems an unlikely destination for the horror sequel.


“The Nun 2” is an awaited addition to the horror genre, and while its initial release leans traditional, streaming options are on the horizon. Prepare for scares in theaters or practice patience for a later digital release, but rest assured, “The Nun 2” promises to be an experience worth the wait.

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