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Great North Run 2023: What Time Does Great North Run Start?

On Sunday, thousands of eager runners and enthusiastic spectators will gather for the iconic Great North Run, a half-marathon that spans 13.1 miles from Newcastle Quayside across the scenic landscapes of the north-east of England. This year’s edition of the Great North Run holds special significance as it marks the final professional race in the illustrious career of Sir Mo Farah, the British long-distance running legend who has claimed victory at this event on six occasions in the past.

The Emotional Farewell

As Sir Mo Farah prepares to lace up his running shoes for the last time as a professional athlete, emotions are running high. In an interview with Sky News, the 40-year-old expressed the difficulty of the impending race and the anticipated surge of emotions. “It’s going to be hard on Sunday,” Sir Mo shared. “I think towards the end, it’s going to be very emotional; it always is in South Shields. It’s always packed the last couple of miles, but I think whatever happens, whether I’m leading or winning, it will be very emotional.”

Race Day Details

For those looking to support Sir Mo and the multitude of other runners participating in the Great North Run, it’s essential to know the event’s schedule. The race kicks off with different start times based on runner categories:

  1. Elite Wheelchair Race: The action begins at 10:30 AM.
  2. Elite Women’s Race: The elite female runners take off at 10:35 AM.
  3. Visually Impaired Race: This race gets underway at 10:37 AM.
  4. Elite Men and First Masses Wave (Orange Wave): The elite male runners and the first wave of mass participants commence their race at 11:00 AM.

Following the elite and first mass waves, other waves of runners will start the race according to the designated time slots they have been assigned.

The Great North Run’s picturesque route starts on the Central Motorway in Newcastle, following the scenic path along the Tyne River, culminating at The Leas in South Shields.

Television Coverage

For those unable to attend the event in person but eager to witness the excitement from the comfort of their homes, extensive television coverage is available:

BBC One: Live coverage of the Great North Run begins on Sunday morning from 10:00 AM, providing viewers with a front-row seat to the anticipation and exhilaration leading up to the race’s commencement.

BBC Two: At 5 PM on BBC Two later that same day, a highlights show will provide a quick recap of the day’s most notable events and achievements.

If you miss any part of the broadcast, don’t fret – the BBC iPlayer makes sure that no significant moments from this historic event pass you by!

The Hosting and Commentary Team

The Great North Run’s television coverage will be hosted by a team of seasoned broadcasters and sports personalities who will guide viewers through the event’s intricacies and emotions:

  • Gabby Logan
  • Jeanette Kwakye
  • JJ Chalmers
  • Aimee Fuller

In addition to the hosting team, the broadcast will feature insightful commentary from renowned figures in the world of athletics:

  • Steve Cram
  • Tanni Grey-Thompson
  • Paula Radcliffe

The Great North Run 2023 promises to be a poignant and unforgettable event, not only because of the stunning course and the thousands of dedicated runners but also due to the farewell of a running legend, Sir Mo Farah. As the athletes traverse the scenic route from Newcastle to South Shields and the crowds gather to cheer them on, emotions will undoubtedly run high. Tune into BBC One this Sunday morning to witness the start of this iconic race and be part of history as Sir Mo Farah completes his last professional race. More than just a race, The Great North Run celebrates resilience, determination and the human spirit as part of its lasting spirit of human achievement.

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