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Is Mel Tucker Suspended? Michigan State University Suspends Mel Tucker Amidst Sexual Harassment Claims

Michigan State University (MSU) made headlines this week when allegations surfaced of sexual misconduct between Mel Tucker, his assistants, and Brenda Tracy – a survivor and advocate against sexual violence who stands at the forefront of these charges. Mel Tucker has since been temporarily benched from coaching football until further investigations can be conducted into any potential violations against Tracy or any potential claims of inappropriate conduct by either party.

Unveiling the Allegations

USA TODAY, in an exposé, presented detailed accounts of Brenda Tracy’s accusations against Tucker. Given her prominent work in advocating against sexual violence, Tracy had closely collaborated with the MSU football program during Tucker’s tenure. Their professional relationship had seen Tracy visit the campus multiple times: twice for addressing players and once, as an honorary captain at a 2022 spring game.

However, a phone conversation on April 28, 2022, took an unsettling turn. Tracy reported Tucker making unsolicited sexual comments and engaging in masturbation during the call. She relayed her distress in December to the university’s Title IX office, lamenting, “The idea that someone could know me and say they understand my trauma but then re-inflict that trauma on me is so disgusting to me. It’s like he sought me out just to betray me.”

Tucker, on his end, admitted to the act but asserted that it was a consensual gesture. In a letter dated March 22, cited by USA TODAY, he expressed regret over his judgment but staunchly defended against any misconduct.

The University’s Stance

To ascertain the validity of the claims and ensure an impartial evaluation, MSU roped in an external Title IX attorney. The culmination of this inquiry was in July, paving the way for a subsequent hearing scheduled for Oct. 5 and Oct. 6 to determine any breach of the university’s code of conduct.

MSU has also initiated a news conference, slated for 5 p.m., to divulge further details pertaining to the football program’s status amidst these developments.

Tucker’s Track Record at MSU

Mel Tucker succeeded Mark Dantonio as the Michigan State head coach just ahead of the 2020 season. Since his inauguration, he has had an on-field record of 20 wins against 14 losses spanning four seasons. Tucker’s pinnacle came in 2021 when he led the team to a triumphant 11-win season, clinching victory against Pittsburgh in the Peach Bowl. Contrastingly, the Spartans witnessed a slump in the subsequent 2020 COVID-hit season and a rather lackluster performance in 2022. However, the current 2023 season saw them off to a promising start with two consecutive wins.

With the ensuing investigation and potential ramifications, the sports fraternity remains on edge. As the events unfold, there’s a palpable anticipation to witness the trajectories of both MSU’s football program and the broader conversation on sexual misconduct in the sporting world.

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