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Is Mel Tucker Suspended? Why Was The Michigan State Coach Suspended?

Michigan State University (MSU) suspension of their head football coach, Mel Tucker, after allegations of sexual harassment emerged.

Background on the Allegations

USA Today broke the news of the allegations against Tucker, detailing claims from Brenda Tracy, a notable advocate against sexual violence in collegiate sports. Tracy alleges that Tucker made inappropriate sexual remarks and engaged in indecent activities during a phone call with her on April 28, 2022. Subsequently, Tracy filed a formal Title IX complaint against Tucker in December.

Michigan State’s Response

The University took immediate action, suspending Tucker without pay while the investigation is underway. Alan Haller, Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at MSU, in a recent press conference, stated the suspension was prompted by “developments that may have a potential impact on the ongoing investigation.”

Despite the allegations, Tucker had remained active, coaching two games in the fall season. Haller defended this decision, stating the university awaited the completion of all formal processes before making a final call.

The Investigation’s Current Status

Interim President of MSU, Teresa K. Woodruff, clarified that the investigative process was yet to conclude. The final decision awaits a formal hearing scheduled for Oct. 5 and 6, as reported by USA Today.

In light of the allegations, Haller mentioned the University had already increased oversight of the football program and ordered a “no contact” directive between Tucker and Tracy.

Repercussions for Michigan State University

Sunday’s announcement revived painful memories tied to MSU’s involvement in previous sexual misconduct cases, notably their criticized handling of the Larry Nassar scandal. Nassar, once a physician for the American gymnastics team and employed by MSU, was sentenced in 2017 and 2018 for his crimes against hundreds of victims.

Addressing concerns, Ms. Woodruff emphasized the distinct nature of the current investigation, ensuring its independence and unbiased nature. She stated, “This morning’s news might sound like the M.S.U. of old. It was not. It was not because an independent, unbiased investigation is and continues to be conducted.”

Tucker’s Stint at Michigan State

Appointed as head coach of the Spartans in 2020, Tucker’s relatively short tenure at MSU saw him sign a massive 10-year contract extension worth $95 million in 2021, making him one of the highest-paid coaches in collegiate football. His career boasts of significant positions on various NFL and college coaching staffs. With Tucker’s suspension, Harlon Barnett will take the reins as the acting head coach.


The allegations against Mel Tucker highlight the recurring issue of sexual misconduct in collegiate sports environments. Institutions, especially those with previous cases like MSU, face added scrutiny in their handling of such incidents. As the hearing date approaches, all eyes are on Michigan State University, anticipating its next move in the investigation’s culmination.

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