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Monster Hunter Now Release Date, ‎Weapons, ‎How To Play, ‎Monsters, Pre-Registration & More

Monster Hunter series has long been beloved among gamers for its challenging gameplay, expansive worlds and sheer thrill of hunting. On September 14, 2023 however, Monster Hunter will take another leap with “Monster Hunter Now”, exclusively available on iOS and Android phones. Here is everything you should know.

A New Hunting Experience Awaits

Building on the legacy of its predecessors, “Monster Hunter Now” promises an augmented reality (AR) experience reminiscent of popular titles like “Pokemon Go”. No longer confined to the digital realm, hunters will now venture into the real world to track and engage with their quarry.

Interactive Navigation is the Game-Changer

In earlier editions of Monster Hunter, players would navigate in-game maps to locate and engage monsters. The latest iteration, however, offers a stark departure:

  • Real-world Exploration: Players are encouraged to physically traverse their surroundings, with monsters cropping up on their mobile map.
  • Engaging the Beast: Upon nearing a monster’s location, players can initiate combat, solo or teaming up with up to three fellow hunters in proximity.

Combat: A Test of Skill and Reflexes

Once combat is triggered, the countdown begins:

  • Timed Battles: Players are allotted 75 seconds to bring down their target.
  • Intuitive Controls: The game makes optimal use of mobile touchscreen capabilities. Attacks are launched with taps, while dodging is executed with swift swipes.
  • Rewards: Successful hunts yield monetary rewards and invaluable materials.

Crafting: The Heart of Monster Hunter

True to form, “Monster Hunter Now” places significant emphasis on crafting:

  • Armory Upgrades: Materials obtained post-hunt can be used to forge robust weapons and armor.
  • Diverse Armor Choices: Each armor set boasts a unique aesthetic, defense rating, and skill set. Plus, they’re upgradable to enhance defense capabilities.
  • Mix & Match: Players can creatively combine armor pieces to curate the desired skill palette.

Weapons Galore: Choose Your Hunting Style

At launch, “Monster Hunter Now” offers a tantalizing array of weaponry:

  • Great Sword: For those who favor power-packed blows.
  • Long Sword: Ideal for extended reach and fluid combat.
  • Sword & Shield: A balanced choice for offense and defense.
  • Hammer: Bring the hammer down with thunderous strikes.
  • Light Bowgun: Ranged combatants can enjoy rapid-fire assaults.
  • Bow: Elegance meets devastation for long-range enthusiasts.
    Every weapon type is designed to cater to diverse playstyles, ensuring every hunt is a unique experience.

Storyline: A Shift in Narrative Approach

While previous Monster Hunter titles were driven by captivating storylines, “Monster Hunter Now” adopts a more free-form approach:

  • Focused Gameplay: The spotlight remains firmly on the hunting, crafting, and upgrading mechanics.
  • Endless Exploration: Without a linear narrative, players can indulge in limitless hunting escapades, making each day a new adventure.

The Dawn of a New Era

“Monster Hunter Now” is poised to redefine mobile gaming, merging the thrill of the hunt with the joy of outdoor exploration. Its innovative approach to gameplay, combined with the series’ tried-and-tested mechanics, promises an unforgettable experience for both series veterans and newcomers alike. Grab your gear and step into the world – happy hunting!

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