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Teamfight Tactics (Tft) Set 9.5 Release Date, Time, New Traits, New Item & Much More

Riot Games, the genius behind the gaming universe of League of Legends, has once again given TFT enthusiasts a reason to get back in the game. The mid-set refresh, titled “Horizonbound”, offers an enthralling blend of new champions, items, traits, and mechanics. Here’s a deep dive into everything you can expect from Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5: Horizonbound.

1. Delving into New Traits: From Bilgewater to Vanquisher

  • Bilgewater (3/5/7/9):
    With this trait, enemies attacked by the Bilgerats are in for a cannonball surprise, which launches after a short delay, delivering damage based on a marking mechanism.
  • Ixtal (2/3/4):
    A game-changer for board positioning, the Ixtal trait grants hexes that buff units. It gives special emphasis to Ixtal units over non-Ixtal ones, changing your strategy dynamics.
  • Vanquisher (2/4/6):
    Spells just got an upgrade! With the Vanquisher trait, abilities can critically strike, the potency of which increases with more Vanquisher units on board.

2. Unboxing New Items: Boosting Gameplay Dynamics

  • Adaptive Helm:
    A perfect combination for frontline tanks, it grants both resistances and periodic AP boosts.
  • Crownguard:
    A versatile item offering a shield and AP boost, enhancing the survivability of your units.
  • Evenshroud:
    With initial resistances and an area sunder effect, positioning becomes crucial with this item.
  • Nashor’s Tooth:
    Combine burst and sustained damage with the attack speed boost post ability use.
  • Night Harvester:
    An excellent choice for aggressive playstyles, amplifying damage when the unit’s health drops.
  • Sterak’s Gage:
    Transform your unit into a fearsome fighter as their health drops, granting both health and AD boosts.

3. Augment Shake-Up: What’s In and What’s Out

Entering the Fray:

The fresh wave includes the likes of Bilgewater and Ixtal variants, which cater to the new traits. Some notable additions are ‘Rejuvenating Flames’, ‘Rising Infamy’, and ‘Stationary Support’ among others.

Bidding Adieu:

Some of our old favorites like ‘All That Shimmers’ and the Deadeye set are making an exit, making way for the new horizons in this mid-set refresh.

4. Key Release Date Information

While the lucky few have had early access to Horizonbound on the PBE servers, the rest of us eagerly await its release. Mark your calendar for September 13, 2023, when the update will hit the public server with patch 13.18.

Set Your Sights on Horizonbound

With the introduction of Horizonbound, Teamfight Tactics continues its tradition of mid-set revamps, ensuring the game remains fresh, challenging, and engaging. Whether you’re a seasoned TFT veteran or a newbie, the horizon promises countless opportunities and thrilling battles.

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