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Troy Aikman Net Worth: How Is Troy Aikman So Rich?

Troy Aikman, one of the premier NFL figures, is well known not only for his football prowess on the field but also his business acumen off it. Aikman holds an astounding net worth of $65 Million as of 2023 – how did this former Dallas Cowboy amass such wealth? Here we take a closer look.

Troy Aikman’s NFL Earnings

As an NFL quarterback, Aikman was one of its leading earners. While playing for Dallas Cowboys at its peak, he signed an eight-year deal worth $80.6 million which, combined with an $11 million signing bonus and made him the highest paid athlete back then – in total earning an astounding $55 Million over 12 seasons with them!

The Commentator’s Paycheck

Post-retirement, Aikman seamlessly transitioned to an impressive career as a sports commentator. By 2022 he had already begun earning an estimated annual salary of approximately $7.5 million before signing an estimated $92.5 million deal with ESPN estimated over five years that would see Aikman earn an astonishing annual earnings estimated of an impressive $18.5 million per annum.

Endorsements: The Key to Athlete Wealth

As is the case for many sports legends, Aikman utilized his on-field success with various off-field endorsements. Over time he has become associated with several iconic brands including:

  • Nike: The global sportswear giant.
  • Acme Bricks: A leading brick manufacturer.
  • Rent-A-Center: A furniture and electronics rental company.
  • Silvercar: A car rental service.
  • IDLife: A health and nutrition company.
  • Wingstop: A popular restaurant chain specializing in chicken wings.

Each of these deals significantly contributed to Aikman’s overall net worth.

Diverse Investments

Aikman’s financial portfolio isn’t restricted to his football and commentary earnings. In 2005, in collaboration with fellow Cowboy Roger Staubach, he launched the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing team, Hall of Fame Racing. Although the venture eventually concluded in 2009, it showcased Aikman’s interest in diverse business opportunities.

Apart from this, Aikman has also delved into the world of eateries, becoming a stockholder and spokesperson for Wingstop. Additionally, he’s a minority owner of the San Diego Padres, a Major League Baseball team, and a partner in the health company, IDLife.

Property Ventures

Real estate is another area where Aikman has left his mark. In 2013, he invested in a lavish French Normandy-style mansion, which he listed for sale two years later. The property, boasting 10,700 sq.ft of luxury, includes a home theatre, wine cellar, and a stunning pool with spa and waterfall features.

Troy Aikman left behind an expansive legacy. From being one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks ever to venturing into business ventures and investments, Aikman remains an icon both on and off the field. By 2023 he amassed an estimated net worth of $65 Million with multiple income sources as evidence that athletes can succeed as entrepreneurs in business and investing.

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