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Is JB Mauney Retired? JB Mauney Retirement News Shakes the Rodeo World

As the sun set on September 12, 2023, a sudden announcement sent shockwaves through the rodeo community. JB Mauney, an emblematic figure in bull riding, declared his retirement. The reason? A neck injury that marked the culmination of his phenomenal career.

The Fateful Day: Lewiston Roundup’s Unpleasant Surprise

On September 5, 2023, the Lewiston Roundup became the backdrop for a harrowing event. A bull named Woopaa threw Mauney, leading to a devastating neck injury. The severe nature of the injury necessitated surgical intervention at the renowned St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

Mauney’s Heartfelt Goodbye

The medium he chose for his retirement announcement was Instagram. A platform that connected him directly with his fans, sponsors, and fellow bull riders. His words reflected a mix of determination and sorrow, “I’m not going to sugarcoat it…this is the right decision for me and my family.” The sincerity of his farewell left many in tears.

Glimpse into JB Mauney’s Stellar Career

Lauded as “one of the greatest bull riders of all time”, Mauney’s contributions to rodeo are unparalleled. A recipient of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) World Championships twice, in 2013 and 2015, his accomplishments are many:

  • Event Wins: An unprecedented 87 event wins set Mauney apart as the all-time leader.
  • PBR World Finals: Three PBR World Finals event victories decorated his career.
  • Outstanding Achievements: He earned the title of Most Outstanding Bull Rider at the PBR World Finals not once but twice.

Community’s Reaction to The Legend’s Departure

As news of Mauney’s retirement broke, tributes began pouring in from every corner. From heartfelt messages from fans to fellow competitors sharing their admiration, the rodeo world was collectively mourning the end of an era. The support and respect shown were evidence of his profound influence and iconic status in the community.

Legacy Left Behind

Mauney’s departure from competitive bull riding doesn’t spell the end of his influence. The tales of his victories, the recollections of his unique riding style, and the memories of his perseverance in the face of adversity will continue to inspire countless upcoming riders. His journey has carved a permanent spot in rodeo history, ensuring that while he might have retired from the sport, his legend will remain immortal.

Looking Ahead

While the world will undeniably miss Mauney’s electrifying presence in the arena, it’s essential to remember the man beyond the accolades. His dedication, resilience, and unyielding spirit demonstrated what it takes to be an outstanding champion. Now as he transitions into this next chapter of his life, we can only hope he finds ways to continue inspiring us while remaining an icon for excellence like he always was.

Celebrating a Remarkable Rodeo Journey

The arenas might have lost a star, but the stories of JB Mauney’s grit, determination, and prowess will be told for generations to come. As the curtain falls on this chapter of his life, the rodeo community stands united, cherishing the memories and looking ahead with hope and anticipation for the next legend to emerge.

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