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Mortal Kombat 1 Release Time, Date, Early Access, Gameplay & Features

After much speculation and anticipation, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement as the release date for Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) draws near. Taking over from its predecessor, Mortal Kombat 11, MK1 introduces players to a freshly minted timeline devised by Fire God Liu Kang. As players gear up for this newest chapter, they can expect revamped portrayals of beloved characters and the intriguing introduction of the Kameo system.

Platform Availability: Universal Access

A commendable feature of the MK1 launch is its simultaneous release across multiple platforms, ensuring every gamer can indulge, irrespective of their device preference. From the high-powered PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S to the versatile PC and even the Nintendo Switch, MK1 promises a seamless gaming experience.

Unlocking the World of Mortal Kombat 1

While the universal release date for the standard edition of Mortal Kombat 1 is set for September 19, 2023, players are eagerly awaiting clarity on the exact time they can dive into the game. Based on past trends and Early Access release schedule, it can be predicted that the game will become playable at:

  • 10 a.m. PDT
  • 1 p.m. EDT
  • 6 p.m. BST

Also, gamers looking for an early start will appreciate the pre-load feature which allows them to download their copy prior to its official release date. Preliminary details hint at a potential pre-load availability around September 12, two days before the Early Access commencement.

Delving into Early Access: The Premium Route

For those who can’t wait, there’s a solution: the Early Access feature. This special access, reminiscent of notable releases like Diablo 4 and Starfield, grants players who’ve pre-ordered the Mortal Kombat 1 Premium edition a chance to experience the game before the masses. The cost? A price tag of $109.99. A steep climb from the base price, but the benefits are manifold.

What’s in Store with the Premium Edition?

The Mortal Kombat 1 Premium edition isn’t just about early access. It’s a treasure trove of added features. The Premium pack unveils the Kombat Pack 1, a thrilling ensemble of Kameo fighters and additional playable characters. Omni-Man, Ermac, Homelander, and Quan Chi are just a few of the names to pique player interest. And as a cherry on top, an exclusive pre-order bonus awaits – the chance to play as the formidable Shang Tsung, a classic antagonist of the series.

Key Dates to Remember

For those opting for the Premium edition, mark your calendars for September 14, 2023, when MK1 will be at your fingertips from:

  • 10 a.m. PDT
  • 1 p.m. EDT
  • 6 p.m. BST

Others can gear up for the grand release on September 19, 2023, across all major platforms including PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch.

The Realm of Mortal Kombat Awaits

Mortal Kombat series has held an unparalleled appeal among gamers worldwide for many years now and with Mortal Kombat 1, its legacy continues. No matter if you are an old school Mortal Kombat veteran or brand newcomer alike – Mortal Kombat 1 promises both nostalgia and innovation alike, taking you into an immersive world in which every fight becomes an epic narrative and every character boasts their own individual journey to tell! As soon as this release hit’s shelves on December 15th prepare yourself to enter an incredible journey that you’ve only imagined so far!

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