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How to recertify ENCOR 350-401? Can do with SCOR 350-701?

If so, then recertifying your check 350-401 ENCOR and SCOR 350-701 certifications should be at the top of your priority list! These two highly sought-after Cisco certifications are essential for staying current with the latest networking trends and technologies. In this blog post, we will guide you through the recertification process for both ENCOR 350-401 and SCOR 350-701 exams. So, let’s dive in and explore how you can maintain your expertise and ensure that you remain a valuable asset in today’s competitive IT landscape!

What is ENCOR 350-401?

ENCOR 350-401, also known as Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies, is a certification exam offered by Cisco. The knowledge and abilities necessary to plan, implement, run, and troubleshoot enterprise networks are the main topics of this study. This extensive test covers a wide range of subjects, such as network assurance, virtualization, infrastructure automation, and architectural design for network services.

To successfully pass ENCOR 350-401 exam and obtain the certification badge, candidates need to demonstrate their proficiency in various areas such as network fundamentals, routing technologies (OSPFv2/v3), infrastructure services (QoS/QoE), virtualization concepts (virtual switching technologies), security fundamentals (implementing secure access controls) and automation (scripting using Python).

By earning the ENCOR 350-401 certification , IT professionals can showcase their expertise in designing efficient enterprise networks that are scalable and reliable. Your professional profile will gain value from this qualification, and it also creates new employment options in networking-related sectors like network engineering or architecture.

Because technology is developing quickly every day, it is essential for networking specialists to keep up with the most recent trends.By recertifying your ENCOR 350-401 credential periodically – typically every three years – you ensure that your skills remain relevant in today’s ever-changing IT landscape.

What is SCOR 350-701?

SCOR 350-701, also known as Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies, is a certification exam offered by Cisco. It focuses on the core security technologies that are essential for securing network infrastructure and devices. This exam validates an individual’s knowledge in areas such as network security concepts, secure access, VPN technologies, endpoint protection and detection, secure routing and switching infrastructure.

To pass the SCOR 350-701 exam and obtain this certification, candidates must demonstrate their understanding of various security concepts and techniques. They need to have a solid grasp of different types of threats and vulnerabilities that can affect networks. Moreover, they should be familiar with implementing secure access controls using technologies like AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) protocols.

In addition to that, candidates need to understand how to implement VPN solutions for remote connectivity and ensure data confidentiality over public or untrusted networks. They must also be proficient in deploying effective endpoint protection mechanisms such as anti-malware software or intrusion prevention systems.

Another important aspect covered in the SCOR 350-701 exam is securing routing and switching infrastructure. Candidates will learn about best practices for configuring routers and switches securely to protect against common attacks like DoS (Denial of Service).

Overall ,the SCOR 350-701 certification plays a crucial role in equipping professionals with the necessary skills to design robust security strategies and mitigate potential risks within an organization’s network environment.

How to recertify for ENCOR 350-401

Recertifying your ENCOR 350-401 certification is essential to keep up with the latest advancements in networking technology. It demonstrates your commitment to staying current and relevant in the industry. So, how can you recertify for ENCOR 350-401?

One option is to pass any one of the professional-level concentration exams. These exams delve deeper into specific areas of networking, allowing you to specialize and expand your skill set.

Another way to recertify is by passing a higher-level exam such as CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure or Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr). These exams require rigorous preparation but provide a comprehensive validation of your expertise.

Additionally, you can choose to take part in continuing education activities offered by Cisco’s authorized training partners. keeping up with the evolving demands of the industry. Stay motivated and committed on this journey towards continued professional growth!

How to recertify for SCOR 350-701

To recertify for SCOR 350-701, you have several options at your disposal. One option is to pass any current CCIE written exam or CCIE lab exam. This not only keeps your certification active but also demonstrates your expertise in the field.

Another way to recertify is by passing any of the specialist exams that are designated as Continuing Education (CE) credits recertification. These exams cover specific topics like network security, automation, and more – allowing you to showcase your knowledge in specialized areas.

In addition, you can also complete the Cisco Certified Specialist Core Exam (300-level). This comprehensive exam covers a wide range of networking concepts and ensures that you have a solid foundation of knowledge across multiple domains.

Whatever path you choose for recertifying with SCOR 350-701, it’s important to stay committed to continuous learning and professional development. 


To recertify for ENCOR 350-401 or SCOR 350-701, consider taking advantage of Cisco’s Continuing Education program which allows you to earn credits by attending approved trainings, events, or completing online courses. Additionally, participating in relevant community activities such as authoring articles or presenting at industry conferences can also help meet recertification requirements.

Remember that keeping your certifications active demonstrates your commitment to ongoing professional development and ensures that you remain competitive in the ever-evolving field of networking click to pass your 350-701 SCOR exam.

So whether you choose to pursue recertification through ENCOR 350-401 or opt for SCOR 350-701, investing time and effort into maintaining your Cisco certifications will undoubtedly benefit your career growth and open doors to exciting opportunities in the world of networking. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing continuous learning and evolving alongside cutting-edge technologies.

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