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When will PS5 Pro be Launched? New Report Reveals Potential Release Date

Rumors around the release of PS5 Pro have been rife for a few months now. Though Sony has not yet announced the high-end gaming console, multiple reports have suggested that the development of the product is going on in full swing.

The pro consoles are usually launched mid-way between two generations. Now a new report has surfaced, revealing the potential release timeline for PS5 Pro. So when is Sony planning to launch the much-hyped console? Read on to find out.

PS5 Pro Rumored Release Date

As per a report from Insider Gaming, Sony is aiming for a holiday 2024 release for PS5 Pro. The previous console, PS5, was launched in November 2020. So it is possible that the pro version could start retailing the markets in November 2024, marking the gap between the two consoles at 4 years.

It was earlier reposted that PS5 Pro could be launched sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. The estimates were made based on the previous trend followed for releasing the consoles. The standard PlayStation 4 was launched by Sony in November 2013, followed by the launch of PlayStation 4 Pro three years later in November 2016.

PS5 Pro Expected Specifications and Features

PS5 is a bulky console, much larger than the previous generations, and takes up a lot of space on your setup. Considering the past record of design upgrades of Pro generations, the PS5 Pro is expected to be even bulkier than the standard version. 

However, Sony has been getting a lot of feedback about the size of the PS5, and the company might decide to fit the new components of the Pro console within the same body as the standard version. The final confirmation about the design upgrade can be made only when more leaks arrive or when the details are officially announced by Sony.

Talking about specifications, the PlayStation 5 supports high-resolution gaming at 4k @ 120Hz. The Pro console can now incorporate a better Radeon GPU for better frame rates and might even support up to 8K gaming. The next-gen console could feature the upcoming RX 7700XT graphics card to support 8K @ 60Hz gaming. But again, the official announcement needs to be awaited to confirm the specs.

PS5 Pro Expected Pricing

The PS4 Pro was launched at the same price as the PS4 at $399. The same practice could be followed again, and the PS5 Pro could retail for $499, the same price as the standard PS5. Sony could also decide to raise the price by $100 and launch the pro version at $599.

Meanwhile, the price for the standard PlayStation 5 would go down with the release of the PlayStation 5 Pro. At the time of the PS4 Pro launch, Sony also unveiled a compact console, the PS4 Slim, which was sold at $299. As per speculations, a PS5 Slim could also be in the works. It could also replace the existing PS5 in the market.

A number of social media users have claimed to have spotted the PS5 Slim on an Australian retailer’s website. Another version of the console, a detachable drive variant, is also said to be in development. It could hit the market by the end of 2023, allowing users to save some space on the console.

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