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Is Roger Whittaker Still Married? Who Is Roger Whittaker Wife? Does Roger Whittaker Have Children?

Roger Whittaker has lived an extraordinary journey; one marked by passion, talent and persistence. Hailing from Nairobi Kenya as a musician-singer songwriter. From Africa to Europe. His story makes for captivating reading. Beyond his musical achievements, Roger’s personal life, marked by a whirlwind romance and a beautiful family, is equally compelling.

Early Life in Kenya

Roger was born March 22nd 1936 in Staffordshire, England to parents hailing from that county. Although initially reluctant, they eventually made the move to Nairobi owing to Roger’s father being diagnosed with severe motorbike accident injuries which required relocation for recovery purposes; hence their arrival.

In Nairobi, young Roger’s academic and co-curricular prowess shone brightly. As a student at the then Prince of Wales School (now Nairobi School), he not only excelled academically but was also an active member of the school choir.

Transition to Adulthood: Studies and Service

Life took a turn for Roger post his school graduation. Within three weeks of being conscripted for national service, he quickly registered at University of Cape Town to study medicine – showing his thirst for knowledge. This path was short-lived as, after a year and a half, Roger transitioned to teaching.

By 1959, Roger’s journey brought him to the shores of Britain. At Bangor University, he explored zoology, biochemistry and marine biology – subjects not just academically enriching but personally so as well. Roger composed songs for the university’s Rag Week show, with one of his compositions, “The Charge Of The Light Brigade,” marking his entry into the world of professional music.

Rising in the Music Industry

While still at university, Roger tasted early success. His song, “Steel Men,” found its place on the charts, a remarkable feat for a student. The real breakthrough, however, came when he was roped in for an appearance on Ulster Television’s “This And That”. This opportunity set the stage for what would become a glorious musical career.

Natalie O’Brien: The Love of His Life

In 1964, fate introduced Roger to Natalie O’Brien. Natalie had no shortage of experience when it came to music; born August 9, 1941 she came from an illustrious background – being her father was one of Britain’s leading counterpropaganda figures during WWII against Nazi Germany.

Their connection was instantaneous. Within three months, the two were wed, marking the beginning of a lifelong partnership. Natalie didn’t remain in the background for long. In 1989, she stepped into the role of Roger’s manager, ensuring his talent was aptly showcased globally.

Family Ties: Bonds Beyond Music

Roger always placed great value in family. In their early marriage years, however, they encountered challenges related to starting a family and raising children. This led them to adopt two girls, Emily and Lauren, filling their home with joy. Nature had further plans for the couple, blessing them with three biological children subsequently – Jessica, Guy, and Alexander. Today, the Whittaker household resonates with the laughter of twelve grandchildren.

Interestingly, the musical gene persisted. Their youngest, Jessica, showcased her talents alongside her father, collaborating on singles “A Perfect Day” and “Do You Still Believe In Miracles”.

Roger Whittaker’s tale is one of determination, love, and artistic brilliance. From the classrooms of Nairobi to global music stages, his journey was nothing short of extraordinary. With the unwavering support of his wife Natalie and the love of his children, Roger’s legacy, both personal and musical, will forever remain etched in history.

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