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Actress Emily Ratajkowski Quit Acting And Fired Her Staff

As a famous American actress, model, and social media personality, Emily Ratajkowski has recently announced that she has decided to quit acting and terminate her staff at the same time.

Due to this news, there has been a shockwave of anger and disbelief in the entertainment industry. In her statement, she states that Hollywood is one of the main reasons for quitting acting.

Actress Emily Ratajkowski Discusses Why She Quit Acting

The seismic news of Emily Ratajkowski’s resignation from acting has stunned and bewildered fans. However, in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the multi-talented model, actress, and author shed light on the circumstances that led to her decision to bid farewell to the acting world.

Ratajkowski, who has played diverse roles alongside Hollywood big shots like Ben Affleck, Amy Schumer, and Zac Efron, took a moment to reminisce on her journey in the entertainment industry. Her acting career took off with her riveting performance as Affleck’s mistress in the 2014 movie Gone Girl. Following this, she delivered impressive performances in We Are Your Friends opposite Efron, I Feel Pretty alongside Schumer, and Easy alongside Marc Maron.

However, Ratajkowski’s decision to quit acting was not an impulsive one. Despite auditioning for Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness, the coveted role went to Charlbi Dean Kriek, who tragically passed away last year.

Ratajkowski’s Reasons For Firing Her Entire Team

Upon the noteworthy success of Emily Ratajkowski’s supporting role in the critically acclaimed film Gone Girl, the piece saw her and her team looking for opportunities that would prove her mettle as a “serious actress with longevity”. While some triumphs did come her way in the form of supportive roles, Ratajkowski couldn’t shake the feeling that Hollywood didn’t perceive her as an artist worth valuing. To her, success in the acting industry was directly linked to making herself “palatable to the powerful men of Hollywood.”

In a bid to take control of her career, Ratajkowski decided to terminate her entire team, including her acting agent, commercial representative, and manager. Of her former team, she declared she didn’t repose her faith in them, and she is capable of fielding phone calls. Even though Ratajkowski essentially withdrew from acting, she continued to audition for various roles, one of which was for the critically acclaimed Best Picture nominee Triangle of Sadness. However, she lost out on the part of Yaya, which eventually went to the late Charlbi Dean.

A Look At Emily Ratajkowski’s Rapid Rise To Fame

Emily Ratajkowski, the model and actress, is making waves worldwide. Her bold looks and provocative Instagram posts have caused a stir, including at the Cannes film festival. In addition, she has starred in an Oscar-nominated film and danced in a Grammy-nominated music video, all while gracing the covers of numerous magazines.

Ratajkowski’s career took off after she posed for Treats!, an erotica magazine aimed at a fashionable audience. She appeared in the first two limited-edition issues and on the cover of issue No. 3. The black-and-white, fully nude image of her with knees pulled to her chest and hand tousling her hair caught the attention of Robin Thicke and his video director Diane Martel, who thought she would be perfect for the “Blurred Lines” music video.

“Blurred Lines” became a summer sensation, and Ratajkowski was the breakout star. She appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan, FHM, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar, standing out for her bright look, sensuality, and daringness. Ratajkowski used her newfound fame to pursue acting, landing a pivotal role in David Fincher’s Gone Girl. She played Andie Fitzgerald, a complex character who could be both innocent and dangerous, earning critical acclaim and opening the door to more roles.

Emily Ratajkowski’s decision to quit acting and speak out about the issues facing the entertainment industry is a brave and necessary step toward creating a more just and equitable industry. Don’t you think her advocacy for mental health and women’s empowerment is inspiring, and her willingness to challenge the status quo is essential for creating real change? Please share your views with us and stay tuned for more updates.


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