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Is Alix Earle Dating Braxton Berrios? Tiktok Fame Life Details, Relationship Updates & More

Social media sensation Alix Earle, known for her TikTok stardom, is as discussed for her relationships as she is for her viral “Get Ready With Me” videos. While she might be ruling TikTok with her captivating content, Alix’s romantic life has also piqued public interest. From her previous relationship with MLB star Tyler Wade to her current non-label relationship with NFL player Braxton Berrios, let’s unravel the love life of this internet starlet.

Is Alix Earle Single or Still Seeing Braxton Berrios?

In May 2023, the internet was abuzz with rumors linking Alix to NFL player Braxton Berrios. Their appearance together at various events only added fuel to the fire. However, during a September 2023 episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Alix clarified her relationship status. While she confirmed that she is technically “single,” she also mentioned that she and Braxton are still “seeing” each other. Interestingly, the pair made their red carpet debut at the ESPY Awards on July 12, 2023, but an E! News source stated that their relationship was “not exclusive or official.”

What Happened Between Alix Earle and Tyler Wade?

Before Braxton entered the picture, Alix was involved with MLB player Tyler Wade. Their relationship ended amidst speculation and public attention. Alix herself took to TikTok Live to discuss her break-up, revealing that they had been “fighting for a bit” and she was “not happy” with certain facets of their relationship. One of the critical issues was Tyler’s reluctance to post pictures of them together, despite taking selfies at a wedding they attended.

Navigating Public Breakups in the Age of Social Media

The complications of breaking up are amplified when you’re a public figure. Alix further discussed this on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” in May 2023, expressing the challenges of not just experiencing a personal loss but seeing it dissected across social media platforms. Alix stated, “Not only are you going through a breakup, but I’m scrolling through and I’m seeing everyone else post about my breakup.”

What Does Alix Want in Her Love Life?

As per an inside source, Alix has stated her desire to have a “fun summer” with her friends and isn’t keen on getting into anything serious right now. Her non-committal relationship status with Braxton appears to be in line with this perspective. The TikTok star wants to keep things light and breezy, choosing to attend events like the ESPY Awards with Braxton “for fun,” since she was already in L.A. for work.

Are Public Relationships Affecting Alix Earle’s Career?

With her substantial social media following, Alix’s romantic entanglements could potentially influence her public persona. While her TikTok and podcast performances focus on her, the public’s interest in her love life is undeniable. But rather than letting her relationships overshadow her career, Alix has skillfully managed to keep the public interested in both her professional and personal life.

A Glimpse Into Alix Earle’s Multi-Faceted Life

Alix Earle’s life is a cocktail of professional triumphs and complex romantic relationships. While her relationship with Tyler Wade ended amidst public scrutiny, her non-label relationship with Braxton Berrios keeps her fans guessing. Yet, she manages to navigate these complicated dynamics with poise and tact. As Alix Earle continues to rise in her career, her ability to juggle her professional achievements with her equally public romantic life will undoubtedly keep her in the public eye for a long time to come.

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