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5 Surefire Ways to Know That an Online Bookie is a Scam

Are you looking for a new online bookie? Or is this your first time betting online? Most of the online bookies you can see on the internet are, fortunately, legit. They have licenses, certifications, and, indeed, a reputation. 

Most of the time, they have good reviews and even have some influencers introduce their brands to their viewers. But of course, the internet won’t be what it is without bad apples. Although these bad apples are certainly the minority, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. 

These fraudsters exist and every day hundreds of innocent people get duped out of money when trying to bet with fake online bookmakers. That is truly heartbreaking; so let us help prevent that happening to you by providing our expertise on protecting against such scenarios.

Some signs can tell you if an online bookie is a scam.

Low-Quality Design

The biggest names in the online bookmaker industry have some pretty slick designs out there on the internet. First impressions last, after all, and with the website itself looking good, it just means that the owner has the money to hire very good website designers. And as we all know, web designers don’t come cheap.

But be wary if an online bookie appears as though designed by an elementary-aged child; fake online bookies work by tricking customers into depositing on their site, only for it never to return later on. They will then be reported to the authorities and vanish from the internet shortly. So why invest in website design?

Unsolicited Phone Calls or Emails

Scammers using phone calls and emails have long been exploited online to defraud innocent victims – millions have fallen prey over time to this scheme; but how exactly are scammers getting your personal contact details in the first place? They usually obtain your information from the information you used to fill in during your registration in a fake online bookie.

Once they get your contact information, you will start getting phone calls or emails, luring you with bonuses and perks to make your deposit into your account. Of course, don’t expect that money to return once you deposit. Legit online bookies won’t send you unsolicited phone calls or emails. Getting a phone call from them is rare; you’ll only get emails from them if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Withdrawal Delays

Withdrawal delays are pretty uncommon, but they do happen. Usually, it’s because there are some problems with the banks or from the online bookie itself. However, in many cases, most delays are caused by scams. You might wonder, “Why not just steal the money outright?” This is probably because they are lying low not to get caught.

Once you win a big bet, they will delay your payment by blaming your bank or something related to finances. They hope you give up and let go of your winnings. One delay should be no problem, but if it happens too often, you should stop betting on that online bookie.

Winnings Not Awarded

This is a pretty self-explanatory sign that a lot of people usually see. Essentially, it’s not a good sign that your winning bets vanish in thin air or do not come to your account. In legit online bookies, the money you win from a bet will be automatically put into your account in seconds.

However, in fake online bookies, if you, for example, bet $50 on NFL bets and expect to receive $150, but it never came, you should immediately stop betting on that platform. If it happened once, there’s a huge chance that it will happen again, and who knows, maybe the next thing that will vanish will be your whole deposit.

No Contact Information

Most legit online bookies have a hotline contact number and email address you can visit when you have a concern. Most of the time, if they have a hotline number, you are directed to someone you can talk to about your concerns and questions. But that should raise red flags if you don’t see contact numbers or email addresses.

This is because online bookies that don’t have contact info do it to avoid taking responsibility. Of course, this will make it harder for you to air your complaints. In short, stay clear from any online bookie with no contact information.

Final Words

Unfortunately, Fake online bookies are getting bolder and more popular nowadays, especially because many bettors are opting for online betting. While most online bookies you can see online are legit, that doesn’t mean you can be complacent when checking if the online bookie is legit. 

Always check your online bookie and always be suspicious if it manages to raise even just a single red flag for you.

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