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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Release Date, Time, Gameplay, Mode & Much More

Three years after its turbulent launch, Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be getting a new lease on life. With the release of its sole planned expansion, Phantom Liberty, the game marks an important milestone in its redemption journey. Our assessment? An 87% approval rating, calling it “a thrilling capstone on Cyberpunk 2077’s 3-year redemption arc.”

ParameterRelease Details
GameCyberpunk 2077
ExpansionPhantom Liberty
Global Launch DateSeptember 25, 2023
Global Launch Time4 PM Pacific Time (PDT)
Additional Time Zones– 7 PM EDT (New York)
– 12 AM BST, September 26 (London)
– 7 AM CST, September 26 (Beijing)
– 9 AM AEST, September 26 (Sydney)
Console Release DateSeptember 26, 2023 (Local Time Midnight)
Time DiscrepancyVaries: 6-12 hour head start in Japan and Australia
5-8 hour lag in the United States

What Does the Phantom Liberty Expansion Offer?

Set to launch on September 25 for PC players, Phantom Liberty follows the recent Cyberpunk 2.0 patch that went live on September 21. The expansion promises a deeper exploration of the sprawling dystopian universe, with new missions, characters, and plotlines that aim to provide closure to several unresolved narratives. With three years of patches, fixes, and public apologies, CD Projekt Red has clearly invested in turning the game’s fortunes around.

How Does the Launch Time Affect Players Globally?

What Time Does Phantom Liberty Release for PC Gamers?

Phantom Liberty is taking a unique approach to its global release schedule. The expansion will go live for PC gamers on September 25 at 4 PM Pacific Time (PDT). For those keeping track, here are the corresponding times across the globe:

  • 7 PM Eastern Time (EDT) in New York
  • 12 AM British Summer Time (BST) on September 26 in London
  • 7 AM China Standard Time (CST) on September 26 in Beijing
  • 9 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on September 26 in Sydney

What About Console Players?

The console version of the game has a different rollout strategy. Console gamers will be able to access Phantom Liberty starting at midnight local time on September 26. Interestingly, this leads to a time discrepancy between PC and console players. For instance, in Japan and Australia, console players could potentially start playing 6 to 12 hours ahead of their PC counterparts. However, in the United States, console gamers might find themselves lagging 5 to 8 hours behind.

Is Phantom Liberty an Early Access Cash Grab?

CD Projekt Red seems to have learned from past mistakes and prevailing industry trends. Phantom Liberty’s release time is uniform for all players on a given platform, sidestepping the controversy that often accompanies early access releases for premium-paying customers. The developers have stressed that when the clock strikes the release hour, everyone gets to experience the new content simultaneously.

What Does This Mean for Cyberpunk 2077’s Reputation?

Is this the Redemption CD Projekt Red Was Aiming For?

It’s no secret that Cyberpunk 2077 had a rocky start. However, the latest expansion, Phantom Liberty, coupled with the significant 2.0 patch, indicates the developer’s commitment to delivering the game fans have been longing for. The expansion seems poised to be the turning point, with advanced graphics, streamlined gameplay, and story arcs that might finally bring a sense of completion to the game.

Can Phantom Liberty Sustain the Momentum?

Cyberpunk 2077’s momentum since its troubled release has been steadily building; and now this expansion release could determine its fate and give fans that have supported it through all the ups and downs their reward for sticking by them through thick and thin.

Closing Remarks

The Phantom Liberty expansion is more than just additional content; it serves as a significant chapter in Cyberpunk 2077’s ongoing saga. Will CD Projekt Red’s efforts at redeeming their initial disappointments be enough? Time will tell; nonetheless it is clear they are making every attempt possible to offer an engaging gaming experience and fulfill Cyberpunk 2077’s potential with Phantom Liberty? For those waiting, Phantom Liberty might just provide that much-awaited turn in fortune for them!

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