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Who Was Nic Kerdiles Wife? Is Former Hockey Player Married?

In a world where sports figures and celebrities often make headlines for less than noble reasons, Nic Kerdiles represented something pure: talent, commitment, and love. His unexpected death in a motorcycle accident on September 23, 2023, left a community of fans, friends, and family grappling with a void that’s impossible to fill.

A Rising Star in Hockey

Nic Kerdiles immediately made an impactful debut for his NHL team in 2015. Joining Anaheim Ducks that year and quickly showing his mettle as part of their forward group for 28 games before representing United States at World Junior Ice Hockey Championships and winning silver.

A Timeline with Savannah Chrisley

Kerdiles’ life was not only defined by his sporting accomplishments but also his relationships. He gained additional public attention for his romantic connection with Savannah Chrisley, a known reality TV star. Their love story began blossoming in December 2018 when they announced their engagement. Yet, in a surprising turn of events, the couple separated in September 2020.

The Enigma Behind the Split

The end of Kerdiles and Chrisley’s engagement left many speculating. Savannah chose not to disclose much, maintaining her privacy. However, Todd Chrisley, her father, hinted that ‘lifestyle choices’ were a significant factor, creating further ambiguity about the reasons behind their split.

A New Chapter for Savannah

Life, as they say, must go on. Savannah has since moved ahead, both professionally and personally. She now shares her life with Robert Shiver and has launched her clothing line, “Sassy by Savannah,” which reflects her robust personality.

The Tragedy that Shook Everyone

While Savannah moved on, fate had different plans for Kerdiles. On that unfortunate morning near Nashville, Kerdiles met with a devastating accident that snuffed out his life, leaving a shell-shocked sporting community and a family in mourning. The accident occurred despite neither party being impaired, adding to the sense of senseless loss.

Reactions and Tributes

The Chrisley family’s grief was palpable through social media. Savannah’s heartfelt tribute on Instagram captured the depth of her sorrow and the intensity of their former relationship. Her brother, Chase, also shared his emotional turmoil, stating he felt like he’d lost a brother. These sentiments echo across a wider community that respected Kerdiles for the person he was.

The Void Left Behind

It’s evident that Nic Kerdiles was more than just his sporting accolades or his relationship with Savannah Chrisley. He was a person cherished for his heart, appreciated for his work ethic, and admired for his humanity. These are the traits that make his loss even more devastating. Friends and family find themselves rudderless, trying to navigate the emotional torrent his passing has generated.

Keeping Nic Kerdiles’ Memory Alive

The young hockey player, whose life was cut so tragically short, leaves a legacy that will continue to influence those who knew him. His sportsmanship on the ice, combined with his affable nature off it, make him an enduring figure. Though his physical presence is gone, his impact lives on in the myriad memories he created.

A Legacy of Love and Talent

As friends and family reflect upon Nic Kerdiles, it becomes abundantly clear: he was an extraordinary individual with great promise in both his professional and personal lives. Although no longer with us, his spirit still serves as an inspirational testament of living fully, loving deeply, and leaving an indelible mark upon those lucky enough to know him. Nic’s tale serves as an important reminder that life can pass us all too soon and impels us all to cherish every moment that remains before it passes us by.

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