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How To Watch Nfl Games For Free? Everything You Need To Know

As NFL season 2018 heats up, all eyes will be focused on this week’s matchup between Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions in Week 3. While Atlanta enters with two wins under their belts already and Detroit hoping to bounce back after their heart-wrenching overtime loss to Seattle Seahawks last time out, fans who cannot make Ford Field in Downtown Detroit may wonder: If I can’t watch live? How can I catch all the action if Fox channels won’t air it locally? This guide breaks down various options for watching the game online, including a primer on using VPNs for circumventing location-based restrictions.

The Basics: When and Where?

First things first—timing. The game will kick off at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. Pacific Time) on Sunday. If you’re in the Atlanta or Detroit areas, you can simply tune in to your local Fox channel. However, many viewers outside these areas might face roadblocks in the form of blackout restrictions or internet location glitches.

A Deeper Dive into VPNs

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) serve multiple purposes, from enhancing online privacy to circumventing geo-blocks. For sports fans, VPNs open up a treasure trove of streaming opportunities. Not only can they correct inaccuracies in location data from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), but they can also bypass intentional blackout restrictions imposed by streaming services.

Using VPNs Responsibly

Notably, VPNs can be invaluable tools for online streaming; however, their legal framework varies by country so gaining an understanding of local laws is vitally important. Always ensure you possess a legitimate subscription to the streaming service you intend to use.

Navigating VPNs: The User Experience

Although the basic premise of a VPN is simple, actually implementing one can be more complex. Multiple factors – such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP), browser and streaming service provider can impact the experience you have when using VPNs like ExpressVPN. Many reputable VPN services such as ExpressVPN offer step-by-step guidance to make this process smoother for their users.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your VPN has already been activated but still cannot access a game, check whether its physical address needs updating on your streaming service account. Also note that some smart TVs don’t directly support VPN setup so a router or mobile hotspot must be setup instead.

Streaming Services: What Are Your Options?

For viewers who don’t wish to dive into the world of VPNs, there are alternative streaming platforms. Sling Blue is one option, although this service sometimes requires eligibility checks based on your billing address. Read more about the best free NFL streams on Earthweb.

Best Browsers for Streaming with VPNs

It’s not just about which VPN or streaming service you choose; your browser can also impact your streaming experience. For maximum privacy and minimum location leakage, privacy-centric browsers like Brave are recommended.

Stream Safely

No matter who your team of choice may be, watching its games shouldn’t be complicated or cumbersome. While VPNs might offer convenient solutions to watching content remotely, other methods exist too and it is up to each viewer to determine what method suits them best while being aware of any legal implications related to his choice.

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