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Angus Young Net Worth: Age, Bio, Height, Career Earnings, Wife & Much More

Australia has given the world many musical legends, but few can parallel the magnetic aura of Angus Young. With his distinctive schoolboy outfit and electrifying stage presence, he represents the quintessential spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Let’s journey through the dynamic world of this iconic guitarist, from his humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of hard rock.

A Symphony from Childhood

Born amidst the rich culture of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1955, Angus Young was surrounded by a cacophony of musical talent. Growing up in a household echoing with tunes from Stephen’s piano and accordion to the strumming and blaring of guitars and saxophones, Angus was destined for musical greatness. His early days in Australia, after relocating from Scotland, were marked by academic endeavors at Ashfield Boys High School. However, the allure of the Gibson SG guitar proved irresistible, leading Young down his legendary path.

Full NameAngus McKinnon Young
Birth Date and PlaceMarch 31, 1955, Glasgow, Scotland
Early InfluenceGrew up in a musically-rich household; learned banjo and then Gibson SG guitar
Initial Career BandMarcus Hook Roll Band
Main BandAC/DC
Iconic CostumeSchoolboy uniform
Net Worth (2023)$160 million

Forging the AC/DC Phenomenon

The 1970s heralded a new era for rock, and standing at the forefront was Angus, with his siblings Malcolm and George by his side. Together, they birthed AC/DC, a band synonymous with hard rock. Angus’ choice of schoolboy attire not only made an iconic fashion statement but also symbolised their band’s free spirit and nonconformist nature.

“High Voltage” marked their initial breakthrough success; but “Back In Black” cemented them in rock history forever. Not only could this album compete head-on against Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking “Thriller”, it also cemented Angus as one of rock music’s premier guitarists.

Cinematic Echoes

The magnetism of AC/DC’s tracks found resonance in Hollywood, with their electrifying songs punctuating movies like “Deadpool 2” and “School of Rock.” Their indomitable energy on tracks like “Thunderstruck” and “T.N.T.” brought vibrancy to scenes, enhancing cinematic experiences for audiences worldwide.

The Financial Symphony of a Rockstar

With AC/DC’s monumental success, Angus’s financial graph soared. From an early earnings of $350,000 in 1975 from “High Voltage,” Young has seen a consistent upsurge, with his annual income now hitting the $15 million mark. Notably, his net worth, standing at a colossal $160 million, overshadows even his bandmates, solidifying his status as one of rock’s wealthiest icons.

Beyond the Stage: Angus’s Private World

Away from the limelight, Angus’s heart found solace with Ellen Van Lochem. Their whirlwind romance led to marriage within six months, with homes in Australia, the Netherlands, and the UK cementing their shared life. Contrary to his rockstar persona, Young’s personal life is marked by sobriety. While his bandmates would indulge, Angus often chose coffee or chocolate milk, showcasing a disciplined lifestyle.

His philanthropic side emerged when he donated generously to the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario in 2019, a tribute to his late brother Malcolm.

Applauses and Accolades

A career as illustrious as Angus’s is bound to be adorned with accolades. From being inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1988 to grabbing a Grammy in 2010 for “War Machine,” the awards are a testament to his undying commitment to music.

Splurging the Rockstar Way

When not enthralling audiences, Angus indulges in his love for luxury. His prized possession? An array of exquisite guitars, including the one tailor-made for him by Gibson. His real estate portfolio boasts of a mansion in the Netherlands, equipped with a recording studio, and a lavish residence in Sydney’s upscale Kangaroo Point.

Angus Young’s life is a testament to passion, dedication, and raw talent. As the world awaits more from this rock legend, his existing legacy is a guide for all budding artists. With guitar riffs that can ignite storms and a stage presence that remains unmatched, Angus Young stands tall as one of rock’s true maestros.

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