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Successful camping and riding weekends raise £1,400 for lifesaving charity



MEMBERS from the North Wales branch Trail Riders Fellowship have presented the Wales Air Ambulance with a £1,400 donation following its successful camping and trail riding charity weekends.

The successful fundraiser, which was held for its members near Dolgellau, attracted around 60 members who took part over two weekends.

During both weekends donations were collected from each rider taking part. The riders took to the lanes both north and south of River Mawddach, where they were blessed with lovely weather.

This is not the first time they’ve supported the Wales Air Ambulance. They’ve raised around £3,000 during two previous events.

Reflecting on why the Wales Air Ambulance helicopter charity was chosen to benefit from the event, treasurer for North Wales TRF group, Mike Rowlands said: “We chose the Wales Air Ambulance knowing what a difference it can make when called upon to attend emergencies to all members of the public. It can’t be overstated how important our members see the value of this wonderful charity to the people of Wales.

“The club members are proud to contribute towards keeping the Wales Air Ambulance flying.”

The North Wales branch of the Trail Riders Fellowship promotes responsible trail riding on legal routes around North Wales.

The Wales Air Ambulance Charity emergency service offers advanced critical care and is often described as a ‘Flying ED’. The on-board consultants and critical care practitioners are highly skilled and carry some of the most pioneering medical equipment in the world. They can deliver blood transfusions, administer anaesthesia, and undertake emergency operations at the scene of the incident, before flying the patient directly to specialist care. 

Wales Air Ambulance’s Community Fundraiser Debra Sima was recently presented with the cheque of £1,400 by the North Wales Trail Riders Fellowship members at The Parrot, Drury.

A delighted Debra said: “A huge thank you to all the organisers and riders who took part in the two weekend events. We’re delighted that the North Wales branch of Trail Riders Fellowship has once again decided to support our lifesaving 24/7 charity. In total they’ve raised £4,400 for our Charity during three separate fundraisers, which is amazing. Their continued support will enable us to keep our helicopters in the air and our rapid response vehicles on the road. Thank you so much.”

There are several ways that the public can continue to support the Wales Air Ambulance. These include online donations, signing up to the Charity’s Lifesaving Lottery or by coming up with their own innovative ways to fundraise at home. Further information can be found via

Alternatively, a £5 text-message donation can be made by texting the word HELI to 70711.

For more information on Trail Riders Fellowship visit

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Jess Rose is First Ever Winner of £10K Spond Superdraw



The first ever top prize winner in Spond’s monthly £10K Superdraw fundraiser is
Jess Rose, a payroll clerk from Llanelli, who entered to support Llangennech RFC
u13s. Launched by Spond, the UK’s leading sports team management app, to help
grassroots teams and volunteer groups dramatically increase their fundraising
capability, Superdraw has been a huge success, raising thousands for grassroots
groups in the UK.

“Wow, it’s amazing, and completely unexpected. I mean, I only entered to support
the kids and you never really expect your numbers to come up,” said Jess, 32. “I’m
chuffed to bits and, although I’ll be saving most of the money towards my house
deposit, I am treating myself to a new fridge, and I’ll be taking my parents
somewhere nice for Christmas dinner.”

Llangennech RFC u13s signed up to £10K Spond Superdraw to raise money for new
kit and equipment, with team manager Clark Hartnell and his army of keen sellers,
selling entries worth £800, a welcome boost to a small local rugby team. The top
seller was Alfie Edmunds, who sold Jess her entry, and she has decided to match
the £220 that he raised with a donation from her own winnings.
Clark commented: “We’re always looking for new ways to raise funds, and we
wanted to see if a £10K prize would inspire people to contribute, especially those
outside our usual support network. I can honestly say we loved selling entries, and
people have really bought into it. Hearing that Jess had won the big prize was just
the icing on the cake, and it’s great that she will be matching Alfie’s total as a

The appeal of the monthly Spond Superdraw is threefold. Firstly, Spond takes all the
risk, paying for the prizes and administration each month, meaning groups don’t
have to bear any startup or operational costs. Secondly, groups using Spond can
create custom digital fundraisers in seconds and unlock a host of promotional
inventory – such as personalised landing pages, tracking links and QR codes – that
they can use to promote their cause, share via social media and sell entries. Thirdly,
Spond guarantees a £10,000 first prize every month, along with a host of other
superb giveaways.

“It’s been an exciting month for Spond’s UK team and we’ve been so impressed by
the takeup of Superdraw,” said Julian Bewley of Spond. “Coaches, admins, players
and supporters have come together across the UK to help sell entries and promote
the draw, raising serious money for their teams and groups. Big congratulations to
Jess, our other winners and every group that took part. And this is just the beginning,
£10K could become £100,000 – or even a million – as Superdraw continues to grow.”
The Superdraw November draw is now live. Existing Spond users can start their first
Superdraw fundraising campaign in the Spond app, or new users can download
Spond for free.

Spond is an award-winning grassroots sports team management app on a mission to bring people
together. At their core, they empower coaches, volunteers and organisers of sports, activities and
events to do more of what they love through their free app.
Millions of people use the Spond app every month. Spond seeks to make the lives of their ever-
expanding community of grassroots sports volunteers, parents and activity organisers easier.

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Noson Bocsio Coler Wen yn codi dros £1,000 ar gyfer gwasanaethau nyrsio plant



Yn y llun uchod o’r chwith i’r dde: Nicola Thomas, Nyrs Plant Cymunedol; Angelo Dragone, perchennog Stallion Boxing Gym, a Claire Rumble, Swyddog Codi Arian.

Mae noson focsio coler wen wedi codi £1,178.43 ar gyfer y Gwasanaethau Nyrsio Plant Cymunedol ar draws Hywel Dda.

Cynhaliwyd y digwyddiad, a drefnwyd gan Angelo Dragone, perchennog Stallion Boxing Gym, ar 13 Mai 2022, yng Nghanolfan Selwyn Samuel ac Ystafell Lliedi, Llanelli.

Mae’r Gwasanaethau Nyrsio Plant Cymunedol yn cefnogi plant a phobl ifanc ag anghenion iechyd hirdymor a thymor byr gyda’u hannibyniaeth ac yn helpu eu teuluoedd i ofalu amdanynt yn ddiogel gartref, gan leihau’r angen i gael eu derbyn i’r ysbyty.

Maent hefyd yn cefnogi ac yn hyfforddi staff ysgol a seibiant i alluogi plant a phobl ifanc i fynychu addysg i wneud y gorau o’u potensial bywyd, ac maent yn rhoi mynediad i ofal seibiant i deuluoedd.

Bydd yr arian a godir o’r digwyddiad hwn yn cefnogi’r nyrsys i gael deunyddiau hyfforddi a chynnal digwyddiadau er budd bywydau’r plant a’r bobl ifanc y mae’r gwasanaeth yn eu cefnogi.

Dywedodd Angelo Dragone, perchennog Stallion Boxing Gym: “Roeddwn yn hynod o hapus i godi arian ar gyfer y Gwasanaethau Nyrsio Plant Cymunedol. Mae Nicola, sy’n nyrs gymunedol i blant, yn hyfforddi yn y Stallion Boxing Gym ac mae wedi dweud llawer wrthyf am y gwasanaeth. Maent yn darparu llawer i blant llai ffodus.

“Diolch i bawb a fynychodd y noson ac a gyfrannodd at yr achos anhygoel hwn.”

Dywedodd Sara McDonnell, Arweinydd Tîm y Gwasanaethau Nyrsio Plant Cymunedol: “Diolch am wneud y rhodd garedig hon i’r Tîm Nyrsio Plant Cymunedol (CCN). Mae tîm CCN yn dîm bach o nyrsys sy’n gweithio ar draws tair sir Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda, sy’n cwmpasu Sir Gaerfyrddin, Ceredigion a Sir Benfro. Mae gennym nyrsys yn Llanelli, Caerfyrddin, Hwlffordd, Aberdaugleddau, Aberteifi ac Aberystwyth. Rydym yn gofalu am blant a phobl ifanc yn y gymuned.

“Gall hyn fod yn blant ag angen iechyd tymor byr ond yn bennaf yn blant a phobl ifanc ag anghenion iechyd cymhleth hirdymor. Rydym yn cefnogi’r plentyn drwy hybu ei annibyniaeth a grymuso ei deulu i ofalu amdano’n ddiogel gartref, gan leihau’r angen i gael ei dderbyn i’r ysbyty. Rydym yn cefnogi ac yn hyfforddi staff ysgol a seibiant i alluogi’r plentyn a’r person ifanc i fynychu addysg i wneud y gorau o’u potensial bywyd a galluogi teuluoedd i gael mynediad at ofal seibiant.

“Bydd y rhodd wych a godwyd o’r digwyddiad hwn yn ein cefnogi i gael deunyddiau hyfforddi a chynnal digwyddiadau er budd bywydau’r plant a’r bobl ifanc rydym yn eu cefnogi. Diolch eto am ein cefnogi.”

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch â Josey Vaughan Hughes, Cynorthwyydd Cyfathrebu, drwy e-bost yn neu drwy ffonio 07790 831735 / 01267 239815.

Elusennau Iechyd Hywel Dda yw elusen swyddogol Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda. Nod yr elusen yw gwneud gwahaniaeth cadarnhaol i iechyd, lles a phrofiad cleifion, defnyddwyr gwasanaeth a staff GIG ar draws Sir Gaerfyrddin, Ceredigion a Sir Benfro. Nid yw’r rhoddion elusennol hael a dderbynnir gan gleifion, eu teuluoedd a chymunedau lleol yn disodli cyllid y GIG, ond fe’u defnyddir i ddarparu gwasanaethau a gweithgareddau y tu hwnt i’r hyn y gall y GIG ei ddarparu.
Mae Elusennau Iechyd Hywel Dda yn codi ac yn dosbarthu arian i wella gwasanaethau GIG lleol trwy:

  • Cynnig cysuron ychwanegol i gleifion i wneud yr amser a dreulir yn yr ysbyty yn fwy cyfforddus
  • Darparu’r offer meddygol diweddaraf ar gyfer diagnosis a thriniaeth
  • Creu amgylchedd mwy croesawgar i gleifion, eu teuluoedd a staff
  • Cefnogi dysgu a datblygiad staff a mentrau lles
  • Gwella gofal yn ein cymunedau lleol
  • Ariannu prosiectau ymchwil i wella ein dealltwriaeth o driniaethau newydd a rhai sy’n dod i’r amlwg
  • Cyflwyno mentrau byw’n iach a hybu iechyd.

Am fwy o wybodaeth ewch i:

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White Collar Boxing night raises over £1,000 for children’s nursing services



Pictured above from left to right: Nicola Thomas, Community Children’s Nurse; Angelo Dragone, owner of Stallion Boxing Gym, and Claire Rumble, Fundraising Officer.

A white collar boxing night has raised £1,178.43 for the Community Children’s Nursing Services across Hywel Dda.

The event, organised by Angelo Dragone, owner of Stallion Boxing Gym, was held on 13th May 2022, in the Selwyn Samuel Centre & Lliedi Suite, Llanelli.

The Community Children’s Nursing Services support children and young people with long-term and short-term health needs with their independence and help their families to care for them safely at home, reducing the need for hospital admission.

They also support and train school and respite staff to enable children and young people to attend education to maximise their life potential, and they give families access to respite care.

The monies raised from this event will support the nurses in obtaining training materials and hosting events to benefit the lives of the children and young people the service supports.

Angelo Dragone, owner of Stallion Boxing Gym, said: “I was incredibly happy to raise funds for the Community Children’s Nursing Services. Nicola, who is a community children’s nurse, trains at the Stallion Boxing Gym and has told me a lot about the service. They provide a lot to less fortunate children.

“Thanks to everyone who attended the night and donated to this amazing cause.”

Sara McDonnell, Team Leader of the Community Children’s Nursing Services, said: “‘Thank you for making this kind donation to the Community Children’s Nursing (CCN) Team. The CCN team is a small team of nurses working across the three counties of Hywel Dda University Health Board, covering Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. We have nurses based in Llanelli, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Cardigan and Aberystwyth. We care for children and young people in the community.

“This can be children with a short-term health need but mainly children and young people with long-term complex health needs. We support the child by promoting their independence and empowering their family to care for them safely at home, reducing the need for hospital admission. We support and train school and respite staff to enable the child and young person to attend education to maximise their life potential and enable families to have access to respite care.

“The fabulous donation raised from this event will support us in obtaining training materials and hosting events to benefit the lives of the children and young people we support. Thank you again for supporting us.”

For further information please contact Josey Vaughan Hughes, Communications Assistant, by email at or by phone on 07790 831735 / 01267 239815

Hywel Dda Health Charities is the official charity of Hywel Dda University Health Board. The aim of the charity is to make a positive difference to the health, wellbeing and experience of NHS patients, service users and staff across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. The generous charitable donations received from patients, their families and local communities do not replace NHS funding, but are used to provide services and activities above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

Hywel Dda Health Charities raises and distributes funds to enhance local NHS services through:

  • Offering additional patient comforts to make time spent in hospital more comfortable.
  • Providing the most up-to-date medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Creating more welcoming surroundings for patients, their families and staff.
  • Supporting staff learning and development and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Enhancing care in our local communities.
  • Funding research projects to improve our understanding of new and emerging treatments, delivering healthy living and health promotion initiatives.

For more information visit:

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