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High On Knife Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Story & More

The gaming world is buzzing with the announcement of High on Knife, the first DLC for Squanch Games’ critically acclaimed title, High On Life. This new addition is not just about more gameplay; it’s a narrative expansion, character development, and a fresh twist on the original. This comprehensive analysis delves deep into what players can expect.

Release Date and Platforms:

Schеdulеd for rеlеasе on Octobеr 3rd, 2023, thе DLC will bе availablе on multiplе platforms including Xbox Sеriеs X|S, Xbox Onе, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC. Thе anticipation has bееn building sincе thе tеasеr was first showcasеd in Junе, making it onе of thе most awaitеd DLCs of thе yеar.

Important Details:

  • Release Date: October 3rd, 2023
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC
  • Key Features: New weapons, new enemy types, new storyline
  • Highlight: Horror-themed story with crude humor and mature content

Gameplay Enhancements and New Features:

While the core gameplay mechanics that made High On Life popular will remain, the DLC promises an array of new experiences. This includes new weapons such as the revamped Knifey with its deadly chainsaw attachment and the intriguing non-Gatlian weapon, B.A.L.L., operated by three tiny aliens. Another addition is the Gatlian Harper, voiced by SNL’s Sarah Sherman, a mysterious ex-military pistol with a background yet to be explored. With the introduction of new enemy types and variations on previous adversaries, players are set for a challenging gaming experience.

Narrative Expansion:

The storyline is one of the most exciting aspects of the High On Knife DLC. The protagonist, the Bounty Hunter, embarks on an eerie journey that revolves around Knifey. The developers describe the story as giving Knifey “a chance to shine (and stab)” in an entirely new setting filled with unseen characters, risks, and “spooky surprises.” With new characters such as the villain Mux, voiced by Gabourey Sidibe, and the potential connection between Mux and Harper, the narrative seems set for a compelling twist.

Cast and Characters:

The return of beloved characters is always a hit or miss, but this DLC seems to have hit the right note. Gene Zaroothian is making a comeback, and while there are speculations about Lizzie, the protagonist’s sister, her involvement remains unconfirmed. One significant change, however, is the absence of Justin Roiland, who voices Gatlian Kenny. Due to recent allegations and controversies surrounding Roiland, his involvement in future projects for High On Life seems uncertain.

What To Expect From High On Knife?

The High On Knife DLC promises an immersive experience, blending horror with humor. It is expected to be both a continuation and a fresh take on the main game, broadening the horizons for both new and returning players. While the absence of Roiland’s iconic voice might be felt, the introduction of new characters and narratives will likely keep players engaged. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the release, one thing is clear – High On Knife DLC is poised to be a significant addition to the world of High On Life.

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