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New World Expansion Release Date, Features And Much More

Amazon Games’ foray into the world of MMORPGs has left an indelible mark with “New World”. Its upcoming expansion, “Rise of the Angry Earth”, is buzzing with anticipation and excitement among the gaming community. This article delves into the intricate details of what players can expect from this expansion.

Release Date and Pricing Details

Thе gaming community is abuzz with thе announcеmеnt of “Nеw World: Risе of thе Angry Earth”. Thе еxpansion is sеt to rеlеasе on Octobеr 3, 2023. Vеtеran playеrs can acquirе this еxpansion for $29.99, whеrеas nеwcomеrs havе thе option to buy thе “Nеw World: Elysian Edition” bundlе, which includеs both thе basе gamе and thе еxpansion, for $69.99.

Key Details:

  • Release Date: October 3, 2023
  • Expansion Price: $29.99
  • Elysian Edition Bundle Price: $69.99
  • Mounts | Summonable creatures like horses, dire wolves, lions with dyeable equipment.
  • Flail | Versatile one-hand weapon blending melee, arcane, and magic attacks.
  • Level Cap | Increased to 65.
  • New Gear Rarity & Transformed Zone | Enhanced player rewards and game lore.
  • End-game Expedition & Heartrune Ability | New gameplay mechanics and lore.
  • Season 3 Features | Season Journey, Activity Card, Challenges, Events, and Revamped Rewards.

Narrative Landscape: What’s the Expansion About?

The southeastern tip of Aeternum, once known as First Light, is the epicenter of the new narrative. This land, once welcoming to newcomers, now bears the wrath of Artemis and the Angry Earth. With its previous inhabitants’ fate shrouded in mystery and an impenetrable barrier in place, a narrative of earthly powers, the mighty Beast Lord, and the secret of animal taming unfolds, promising an intriguing journey for players.

Gameplay Enhancements: Mounts, Weapons, and More

With the expansion comes a myriad of gameplay features that will redefine the player’s experience. The introduction of mounts stands out as the most prominent feature. Players can now summon horses, dire wolves, and lions. These mounts, combined with dyeable equipment, allow for a personalized gaming experience

In addition to the mounts, there’s the introduction of the Flail – a versatile weapon that promises a dynamic combat experience. The Flail is designed to be a one-hand weapon, offering the option of coupling with an offhand shield. Its design caters to various fighting styles, allowing players to blend melee, arcane, and magic attacks. Not just a tool for offense, the Flail is also poised to be a robust defense mechanism, ensuring players don’t compromise on their safety while launching assaults.

Furthermore, player progression receives a boost with an increased level cap now set at 65. This expansion promises richer rewards with a new gear rarity and a transformed Zone, further deepening the game’s lore. Not to be overshadowed, a new end-game Expedition awaits the players, coupled with the Heartrune ability, adding more layers to the gameplay mechanics.

New World Season 3: Additional Features

The expansion coincides with the onset of New World’s Season 3, which is packed with its own set of novelties:

  1. Season Journey: A guided progression system that will take players on a structured journey throughout the season.
  2. Activity Card: A new feature allowing players to track and manage their in-game activities efficiently.
  3. Challenges: Tasking players with specific in-game objectives, adding an extra layer of engagement.
  4. Events: Time-bound activities offering unique rewards, ensuring the game remains fresh and engaging.
  5. Rewards: A revamped reward system to recognize and incentivize players’ efforts and achievements.

“New World: Rise of the Angry Earth” is shaping up to be a monumental addition to Amazon Games’ MMORPG universe. From deepening the narrative lore of Aeternum to introducing game-changing features like mounts and the Flail, this expansion promises a holistic gaming experience. Coupled with the features introduced in Season 3, both veterans and newcomers to the game have a lot to look forward to.

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