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Shakira Requests Privacy After Leaving Barcelona And Issues A Statement

Shakira, the Colombian singer and songwriter is a global icon with millions of fans worldwide. In recent years, however, her private life has been under constant scrutiny, mainly after she split from her partner, Gerard Pique.

Shakira has always fiercely protected her family’s privacy despite being a public figure. However, she recently issued a statement requesting that the media respect her two sons’ privacy rights.

She Asks For Privacy For Milan And Sasha After Splitting With Gerard Pique

The Columbian pop singer has recently spoken about her family’s recent move away from Spain and her split from an ex-partner, Gerard Pique. However, despite her high profile, she has appealed to her two sons, Milan and Sasha. She requested that her boys be given the privacy they deserve to live healthy and happy life.

The reports surrounding the end of her relationship with the footballer have caused much attention, and she has also faced tax fraud charges. However, she has denied any wrongdoing.

In a heartfelt Instagram post on Monday, Shakira wrote in Spanish, addressing her friends, journalists, and media outlets. She acknowledged that as a public figure, curiosity will always surround her and her family’s lives. But, she urged that her son be treated with compassion and allowed to live without the constant scrutiny of cameras.

She emphasized that their well-being and happiness are her top priorities, and she hopes that the media can respect their privacy during this transition. Shakira’s message is love, kindness, and a desire for a better future for her family.

An Eviction Notice Led Shakira To Quit Barcelona

Shakira, the internationally acclaimed singer, has reportedly left Barcelona after receiving an eviction notice from her ex-partner Gerard Pique’s father. The singer confirmed that she is leaving the city amidst rumors that she and her children are relocating to Miami.

According to Spanish media, Shakira was asked to abandon the family home she shared with Gerard, and it is the same flat where she allegedly placed a witch doll on her balcony that faces her mother-in-law’s house.

Reports suggest that in March, Shakira was told that she had until this month to leave the mansion in Esplugues de Llobregat, where she has lived since her separation from the ex-footballer. Failure to leave the property would have led to a compensation payment.

It is believed that Gerard’s father, Joan Piqué, the sole director of his son’s holding company, Kerad Holding, sent the eviction notice to Shakira via email. Despite these challenging circumstances, Shakira remains cheerful and optimistic about her family’s future. She will find a new home and create new memories; loyal fans will always be there.

Why Did Shakira And Gerard Piqué Split?

Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s split after 12 years of togetherness shocked their fans. The couple issued an official statement to Reuters on June 4, 2022, requesting privacy for the sake of their children, who are their top priority.

However, recent footage has suggested that Gerard might have been unfaithful to Shakira with Clara, whom he began dating soon after their split. Although Shakira and Gerard never confirmed the reason for their separation, Shakira spoke about the breakup in an interview with Elle’s October issue, describing it as a challenging topic to discuss.

Shakira’s call for privacy for her two sons is a reminder that public figures are entitled to private lives, and we must respect their privacy rights. As fans of Shakira, are you coming forward to support her and her family during this difficult time? If yes, please share your positive notes in the comment section.

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