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What is the Meaning of O12, O23, O43, O45, and O76 on Instagram?

At the moment, a weird trend has taken over the social networking platform Instagram. Now, a large majority of social media users are using a combination of numbers and letters on their Instagram accounts, thanks to a handy guide on TikTok. What is the meaning of O45, O12, O23, O43, and O76  on Instagram? Read on to find out the answer to the above question.

The latest trend that has gone viral on Instagram is a tad bit odd. Every now and then, the netizens come up with different ideas to spice things up. This time, the people are combining letters and numbers and using them as secret codes to send messages to their pals. Their messages don’t consist of any names. The new code language saw the light of day on social media. Don’t worry, if you are seeing numbers and letters all over your Instagram, in this article, we will explain everything to you about the latest trend.

Why are codes like O45, O12, O23, O43, and O76 going viral on Instagram?

This recent trend has caused a lot of confusion among social media users. These days, people are using letter and number combinations on their Instagram profiles. Up until this moment, the origin of this new code language is unknown. As per this new trend, there is a number that has been allotted to every letter of the alphabet, that can you add to your Instagram account along with the letter ‘O.’

You can add any combination you like to your Instagram profile with the help of the Instagram notes feature, which will stay on your account for a total of 24 hours. The code will be visible to all the people who you follow. But what is the need for a number representing a letter next to your Instagram handle? This whole concept is a bit strange.

Meaning of O45, O43, O76 and other codes explained in detail

The whole point of the Instagram notes trend is to use the initial of somebody you have a crush on. It’s a subtle way of telling them that you have a crush on them. On the other hand, you can also make use of this trend to announce it to the world. For example, the meaning of code 043 is that it stands for the letter E. If you want to show your love or affection towards a person named Ethan or Elif, then you can simply add the code 043 to your profile using Instagram notes.

It’s not mandatory that these codes have to represent your love for your crushes only, they can be used for any loved one of yours as well. You can also add an o43 style code to your Instagram notes to show your love for a close pal or even a celebrity. When we talk about other codes, o12 is D, o23 is S, o45 is J and o76 is B.

Take a look at all the Instagram numbers and their meanings

If you are keen to know more about the letter and number combinations going around in circles on Instagram, then you can go through the alphabetical list mentioned below. We have stated all the letters along with their number codes.

  • A – o22
  • B – o76
  • C – o99
  • D – o12
  • E – o43
  • F – o98
  • G – o24
  • H – o34
  • I – o66
  • J – o45
  • K – o54
  • L – o84
  • M – o33
  • N – o12
  • O – o89
  • P – o29
  • Q – o38
  • R – o56
  • S – o23
  • T – o65
  • U – o41
  • V – o74
  • W – o77
  • X – o39
  • Y – o26
  • Z – o10

A new TikTok video that has popped up on social media has spilled the beans on the new secret language. With the help of this new code language, people are confessing their love for each other on the photo and video-sharing platform Instagram. They are also revealing which code name has their heart. We must say, this trend doesn’t make much sense but it’s somehow cute.

Which trends have taken over social media by storm lately?

In the last few weeks, many trends have gone viral on social media including the Barbie Instagram filter. In the blink of an eye, the ‘This Is Barbie’ filter went viral on the internet after the teaser trailer of the forthcoming movie was released. Since then, many social media users have been busy using the Barbie filter to create themselves one of the Barbie dolls as seen in the promotional posters of the upcoming film Barbie helmed by Greta Gerwig.

You can make your own version of the ‘ This Is Barbie meme’ by using Barbie Selfie Generator. You just have to open the selfie generator and tap on ‘Start’. Soon after, you will get 2 options on your screen, you can either click a picture of yourself at that moment itself, or you can just insert a photo of yourself from your camera roll.

Once you have chosen the photograph, the filter will change your picture into a ‘This Is Barbie’ meme. You can also increase or decrease the size of your picture and move it up, down, right, left, and even tilt it. In addition to this, you can also change the color of the star to any other color including red, blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, or purple.

The highly-anticipated movie Barbie which stars Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Michael Cerra, Dua Lipa, Emma Mackey, Issa Rae, Will Ferrell, Sharon Rooney, Simu Liu, and Scott Evans, among many others, has created quite a buzz among viewers. The film is scheduled to release on July 21, 2023.

Apart from the Barbie Instagram filter, other trends that have been swirling in the air include the birthday moon phase trend. Last month, the fans took the help of the stars to enhance their dating life. Matching moon phases became a good way to find out whether you and your crush were compatible or not.

Do you think the number and alphabet combination would be a great idea for an Instagram bio? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments section below. Do check this space for more updates from the world of social media.

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