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2023’s Cocktail Trends in London Bars

London’s cocktail scene is constantly evolving, where bartenders continually explore innovative techniques and incorporate exciting new ingredients to breathe new life into timeless classics. After an unexpected pandemic ravaged much of the globe, there has been an insatiable craving for exciting and creative cocktails. Londoners are constantly on the search for the best speakeasy bar in London, and cocktails have grown increasingly popular.

Londoners became entranced by London’s ever-evolving pop-up bars, punchy Negronis, and prohibition-era cocktails only years earlier.

As we draw nearer to 2023’s end, everyone’s wondering: what lies in store for mixology in London in 2024 and beyond. In this blog, we are about to embark on an unforgettable tour through mixology’s fascinating world while uncovering exciting drink trends set to shape its landscape in coming months. So, gather ’round, glass in hand, as we peel back the curtain on the intriguing future of cocktails right here in London town.

Non-alcoholic drinks with a punch

Bartenders in 2023 are now moving beyond the overly sweet mocktails and diving into full-bodied non-alcoholic concoctions. They’re using unique bases like beetroot, carrot juice, and kombucha to craft these innovative beverages. And here’s the kicker: some of the more adventurous creations include a non-alcoholic whisky that’s essentially flavored water with a hint of food coloring, challenging our perception of what a drink can be. These zero-proof options are increasingly becoming a go-to choice for those who relish the taste of a well-crafted drink without the undesirable side effects of a hangover. It’s a fascinating evolution in the world of beverages that’s reshaping how we enjoy drinks in British bars and beyond.

Locally sourced ingredients

There’s a noticeable and exciting shift happening in the realm of sustainable drinking, and it’s all about sourcing ingredients like fruit, vegetables, and herbs from local sources. Bartenders in the capital are truly getting their hands dirty, quite literally, by tending to gardens right above their bars. Some are even teaming up with their neighborhood allotments, cultivating fresh and unique ingredients that go into their imaginative concoctions. Calum Ward, CEO of CJ Digital says, ‘there’s been a huge eco revolution in hospitality as people are now wanting to know they’re being sustainable when drinking and eating out. Bars that adhere to this demand do well, those that don’t, well don’t.’

Take, for instance, Pearson & Goat’s “How To Train Your Dragonfruit” cocktail – a delightful blend of tea, elderflower, aquafaba, and locally grown dragon fruit. This drink not only embodies the essence of sustainability but also provides bartenders with a platform to showcase their boundless creativity. It’s a win-win for the environment and our taste buds, as these sustainable sips deliver a sense of place and purpose to every glass while minimizing the carbon footprint in the world of mixology.

CBD, alcohol’s new best friend

CBD (cannabidiol), has gained immense popularity among individuals searching for soothing effects of cannabis without experiencing an intoxicating “high.” Mixologists have taken notice, turning CBD’s potency into beverages that not only delight tastebuds but may offer various health advantages as well. These include the ability to reduce inflammation, enhance sleep quality, and all this without the groggy aftermath of a traditional hangover. 

CBD’s distinctively earthy flavors make it an appealing solution for those seeking an enjoyable drinking experience without alcohol, offering relaxation and well-being with every sip. As more people explore this innovative trend, CBD-infused drinks could become popular choices that offer relaxation as well as wellness in every cupful.

Remote bartending services

The rise of virtual drinks in the wake of the pandemic has been nothing short of remarkable. Bartenders have adeptly adapted to this digital age by hosting Zoom parties, where they not only mix up fantastic cocktails but also infuse fun and camaraderie into the online experience. They’ve even gone the extra mile by providing delivery services for these expertly crafted libations, ensuring that the taste of their artistry reaches the doorsteps of eager customers. Moreover, participating in interactive virtual events has become the norm, as people seek engaging ways to connect and celebrate, whether it’s for a friend’s birthday bash or a corporate gathering. 

The idea of having a seasoned professional virtually behind the bar, ready to serve up fabulous drinks, has transcended the constraints of the pandemic and is poised to remain a cherished trend long after COVID-19 becomes a distant memory. It’s a testament to the resilience and creativity of bartenders and the enduring desire for shared experiences, even in the digital realm.

Bringing back a modern twist to the classics

In London’s ever-evolving drink scene, there’s a delightful balance between embracing the innovative and paying homage to the timeless classics. Bartenders have embarked on journeys to regions like Mexico and South America, drawing inspiration from these rich traditions to breathe new life into beloved favourites. As a result, even the classics have received a captivating makeover. The once familiar margarita has transformed into a marvel with the infusion of barrel-aged, oak-smoked mezcal, offering a smoky depth of flavour that elevates the entire experience. 

And don’t forget the zesty pisco sour, now reimagined with a velvety foam topping and the tropical burst of passionfruit, a delightful twist that invigorates the senses. So, while London’s drink scene continues to introduce exciting novelties, it also honors the enduring appeal of the classics, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of bartenders who skillfully blend tradition and innovation to satisfy the most discerning palates.

London’s cocktail scene is an ever-thrilling journey. The city’s mixologists are at the forefront of this spirited revolution, spearheading a wave of innovative trends that are captivating cocktail enthusiasts far and wide. From the irresistible allure of non-alcoholic drinks that deliver a punch of flavor to the use of locally sourced ingredients that celebrate the essence of the city, London’s bars are raising the bar in creativity and sustainability. Even the classic cocktails are getting a trendy twist, breathing new life into beloved traditions. And let’s not forget the intriguing addition of CBD-infused sips, adding a layer of relaxation and well-being to the mix.

But the innovation doesn’t stop at the bar; with the advent of remote bartending services, London’s mixologists are now able to bring their expertise and creativity directly to your doorstep, making every evening a special occasion. With sustainability and creativity as guiding principles, London continues to set the global standard in the cocktail scene, showcasing its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of taste and experience. So, the next time you find yourself in this vibrant city, be sure to embark on a flavor-filled journey through these exciting 2023 trends and raise a glass to celebrate the indomitable spirit of London. Cheers to a year of bold and bright possibilities!

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