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Annabel Croft Net Worth 2023, Lifestyle, Family And Career

Annabel Croft, being a professional tennis player during her prime, amassed a considerable amount of her wealth from her involvement in the sport. Earnings from tournament wins, endorsements, and sponsorships would have played a significant role in building her financial profile. In her prime, she clinched victories in both the Wimbledon and Australian Open girls’ tournaments in 1984. Although she never won a Grand Slam title, her consistent performance and popularity would have attracted lucrative endorsement deals.

Transition to Television

Post her tennis career, Annabel ventured into television, which proved to be another significant source of income. Television presenters, especially those with a niche and recognized background like Annabel, command handsome salaries. Her roles as a commentator, presenter, and television personality across various platforms would have significantly boosted her net worth.

Current Net Worth

As of June 1, 2023, Annabel Croft’s net worth is approximately $5 Million. This figure encompasses her earnings from her tennis career, her television roles, and any other investments or ventures she may have been involved in over the years.

Assets and Lifestyle

While specific details about her assets such as cars are not publicly disclosed, Annabel lives in her own house in Coombe, near Wimbledon. Living near the iconic Wimbledon is suggestive of a comfortable lifestyle, given the high real estate value in the area.

Potential Future Earnings

Given her sustained presence in the television industry and her expertise in tennis, it’s likely that Annabel will continue to augment her wealth through further television roles, appearances, and potentially more endorsement deals.


Annabel Croft’s net worth is a testament to her successful transition from a professional tennis player to a recognized television personality. Her diverse career and wise choices have solidified her position as one of the wealthiest tennis players turned TV personalities from the United Kingdom. With her ongoing endeavors, her financial stature is poised to remain robust in the foreseeable future.

Early Life and Family History

Annabel Croft was born July 12th 1966 in England, United Kingdom. Though details about her family remain undetermined, it is evident that Annabel hails from a British heritage. Hailing from her picturesque hometown in England, Annabel displayed athletic prowess from an early age which eventually lead her into tennis as her profession of choice.

Tennis Career Highlights

Annabel Croft rapidly established herself as an exceptional talent in tennis. In 1984, she achieved remarkable success, winning both Wimbledon and Australian Open girls’ tournaments, which propelled her into December 1985 when she achieved a notable singles ranking of 21 with an individual record that included 49-68 singles victories and 13-36 in doubles matches. Unfortunately despite this talent and achievement she never managed to secure one of the Grand Slam titles; although notable performances included reaching the third round at U.S Open which ultimately went to Martina Navratilova who ultimately triumphed.

Transition from Tennis to Television Production ###

Annabel decided to retire early from tennis at 21 due to its extensive travel demands and diminishing passion, yet this didn’t spell an end of her public life – instead she seamlessly transitioned into television as a presenter/commentator/personality using her sports background and charisma as leverage points.

My Personal and Family Lives in Singapore

Annabel Croft is married to Mel Coleman, an accomplished international yachtsman and investment banker who also is now known for his expertise in investment banking. Together they have three children – Amber, Lily and Charlie Coleman. The Colemans reside in Coombe near Wimbledon in Kingston in London Borough; Annabel herself holds membership at All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club.

Philanthropy and Other Endeavors

Annabel showed another side to herself in June 2009 when she volunteered for the BBC series, “Famous, Rich and Homeless.” This program sought to show viewers first-hand experience living on London streets; Annabel took part in this eye-opening experience before appearing on Radio 5 Live show titled “James: My Alcoholic Friend,” where she tried finding someone she had spent a night with earlier in life.


Annabel Croft’s journey from tennis court to television screen and her forays into social causes showcase her multidimensional nature. While her tennis accolades and broadcasting accomplishments are certainly noteworthy, her humanitarian gestures stand out more as true signs of who she truly is beyond public persona.

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