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Suzanne Somers Net Worth: Age, Bio, Ex-Husband, Family, Children & More

The Suzanne Somers Legacy: From Hollywood to ThighMaster Millionaire When one thinks of Suzanne Somers, it’s easy to be lost in the vast expanse of her career, spanning acting, fitness, and wellness advocacy. But how did this California girl, with dreams as large as her legacy, build her empire?

Key Details Table

Breakthrough RoleChrissy Snow in “Three’s Company”
Playboy Lawsuit Settlement$50,000 (Donated to charity)
Net Worth (2023)$100 million
ThighMaster EarningsApproximately $300 million
“Three’s Company” Salary$30,000 per episode
Palm Springs PropertySold in 2021 for a “greener” estate

How Did Suzanne Somers Initially Break into Hollywood?

Starting in California, Somers was more than just a cheerleader. She was a poet and writer, and her first TV appearances came about as a result of her promoting her poetry book. But it wasn’t poetry that catapulted her into stardom; it was her role as Chrissy Snow in “Three’s Company.” While her journey in Hollywood had its ups and downs, including a highly publicized dispute over salary, Somers remained a household name.

Why Was Suzanne Somers’ Playboy Lawsuit Significant?

In the 1980s, Somers became a pivotal figure in challenging norms when she sued Playboy for unauthorized publication of her nude photos. Winning the lawsuit wasn’t just about the money; it was about setting boundaries and asserting control over her image. Her later decision to pose for Playboy again, with full control, symbolized a reclaiming of her narrative.

What Led to Suzanne Somers’ Massive Net Worth?

By 2023, Suzanne Somers boasted a net worth of $100 million. But where did all this wealth come from? Was it solely from acting?

How Crucial Was the ThighMaster to Suzanne’s Financial Success?

The ThighMaster wasn’t just another fitness fad. For Somers, it was a goldmine. Having made around $300 million from this venture alone, it’s clear that the ThighMaster was more than just a product; it was a phenomenon. Owning its rights “outright” allowed Somers to reap immense benefits.

Did Somers Earn Equally as Her Male Co-stars?

In a time where pay parity is a hot topic, Somers was already ahead of the curve. During her “Three’s Company” days, she boldly sought pay equal to co-star John Ritter. Unfortunately, the disparity was evident, with Somers earning $30,000 per episode, compared to Ritter’s $150,000.

Why the Shift From Palm Springs?

Somers wasn’t just about making money; she was about living her best life. The sale of her Palm Springs property was a testament to her ever-evolving journey. Opting for a “greener” property, Somers showcased that personal well-being triumphed over material possession.

Suzanne Somers’ life and career were a testament to resilience, innovation, and passion. Her journey from Hollywood’s highs and lows to becoming a fitness mogul showcases that success isn’t linear. It’s about finding passion, as Somers found with the ThighMaster, and pursuing it relentlessly.


What was Suzanne Somers’ key to success in her diversified career, spanning from acting to health and fitness?

Passion, resilience, innovation, and a keen sense of personal branding combined with timely opportunities.

How did Suzanne Somers amass her significant net worth by 2023?

Acting, ThighMaster sales, authoring books, and wellness advocacy contributed to her $100 million wealth.

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