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Alan Hamel Net Worth: Age, Bio, Ex-Wife, Family, Children & More!

Alan Hamel: The Legendary Canadian TV Host and Entrepreneur Alan Hamel, a name recognized by many in Canada and beyond, boasts a rich history in the world of entertainment. His career spans several decades and numerous roles, from television host to producer and even entrepreneur. This article delves into the life and times of this iconic figure, answering some burning questions.

Key Details Table:

Full NameAlan Hamel
Date of BirthJune 30, 1936
BirthplaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Net Worth$100 million USD
Key PropertiesMansion in Palm Springs, 480-acre lot
WifeSuzanne Somers
ChildrenStephen and Leslie (with Marilyn)
Major TV ShowsRazzle Dazzle, The Alan Hamel Show
Notable CommercialsAmerican Stores, Acme Markets, Alpha Beta stores

Who is Alan Hamel?

Born June 30th 1936 in Toronto Ontario, Alan Hamel is an esteemed Canadian entertainer renowned for his significant contributions to show business. Through years of hosting, acting, and producing activities he has established himself as an icon within show business.

What’s Behind His Immense Wealth?

Hamel’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $100 million USD. But how did he amass such wealth? The foundation of his fortune is rooted in his successful television career, particularly in hosting and production. Moreover, the entrepreneur in him didn’t stop at show business. He diversified his assets with several business ventures and notable real estate investments in Southern California.

Where Did Alan Hamel Live?

Alan Hamel and his family enjoyed the luxuries that come with success. Owning multiple homes across Southern California, one of his properties–a mansion on a 73-acre lot in Palm Springs–was listed for sale for $35 million in 2008. As evidence of his generosity in 2018, he donated another 480-acre plot in northern Palm Springs to the Coachella Valley Conservation Commission.

Who are the People Close to Hamel’s Heart?

At the center of Alan Hamel’s personal life is his wife, Suzanne Somers. This power couple has been together since 1977, showcasing a union lasting over four decades. Suzanne, a multifaceted woman, has graced screens in shows like “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Step By Step.” Additionally, her writing prowess can be witnessed in books such as “A New Way to Age” and “The Sexy Years.” She’s also the brains behind “Suzanne Organics Skin Care, Hair, and Make-Up.”

Hamel’s family tree extends to his two children with his first wife, Marilyn Hamel. Leslie, a costume designer, and Stephen, a writer, are testament to the creative genes in the Hamel family. Additionally, Hamel is a proud stepfather to Bruce Somers, Jr., Suzanne’s son from a previous relationship.

How Did Hamel’s Professional Career Unfold?

Hamel’s broadcasting journey began at CKVR-TV and CKBB Radio. His breakthrough came when he co-hosted “Razzle Dazzle” from 1961-1964. As he gained more recognition, he hosted game shows like “Wedding Party” and “The Anniversary Game.” The late 1970s saw Hamel shining on CTV with “The Alan Hamel Show.” Such was his influence that People magazine dubbed him “Canada’s leading TV talk show host.”

Beyond TV, Hamel’s face and voice were also known in the advertising world. He appeared in commercials for renowned chains like American Stores, Acme Markets, and Alpha Beta stores.

Whom Did Hamel Date Before Meeting Suzanne?

Before Suzanne, Alan was married to Marilyn Hamel, with whom he had two children, Leslie and Stephen. Fatefully, Alan met Suzanne while hosting “The Anniversary Game,” and the two became inseparable. Living together for a significant time, they decided to solidify their bond in marriage in 1977.

Alan Hamel’s life, marked by professional highs and a fulfilling personal life, continues to inspire many in the realms of entertainment and beyond.


Who is Alan Hamel?

Canadian TV host, producer, and entrepreneur with a long-standing presence in show business and real estate investments.

How did Alan Hamel amass his wealth?

Through successful TV hosting, production, real estate, and other business ventures in entertainment and related industries.

What is Alan Hamel’s estimated net worth?

Alan Hamel’s estimated net worth is around $100 million USD, attributed to his diverse career and investments.

Has Hamel made significant real estate transactions?

Yes, he listed a mansion in Palm Springs for $35 million and donated a 480-acre lot in 2018.

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