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How Suzanne Somers Death: Did Suzanne Summer Pass Away Today?

Suzanne Somers: A Legacy Remembered Suzanne Somers was known for both her roles on iconic TV shows and contributions to the health and wellness field, leaving an indelible mark both Hollywood and on health care professionals worldwide. On October 15th at age 76 she passed away sadly but left an immeasurable legacy behind both sides of Hollywood & Wellness industry lines.

Key Details Table

Date of PassingOctober 15, 2023
Notable RolesChrissy Snow in “Three’s Company”, Carol Foster Lambert in “Step by Step”
Achievements in WellnessThighMaster partnership, Authored multiple wellness books
Known ForActing, Wellness Advocacy, Feminism Advocacy
LegacyCelebrated actress, wellness entrepreneur, and advocate for women’s rights in Hollywood
FamilyHusband: Alan Hamel, Son: Bruce

What Made Suzanne Somers a Household Name?

Somers’ initial claim to fame was her portrayal of Chrissy Snow in the popular ABC sitcom “Three’s Company.” Suzanne first rose to prominence during the late ’70s and early ’80s with her groundbreaking role on “One Day at a Time”, although not limited to just sitcoms – as evidenced by appearances in shows like “Starsky and Hutch”, “One Day at a Time”, The Love Boat”, etc. Her early acting credits also include an uncredited part in George Lucas’ acclaimed movie American Graffiti”.

How Did Somers Revolutionize the Concept of Fitness?

In the 1990s, Suzanne Somers became synonymous with fitness, primarily due to her partnership with ThighMaster. The catchy infomercial, which she mentioned was inspired by a comment from her husband about her legs, resulted in the sale of millions of ThighMasters. This established Suzanne as a fitness icon, steering her towards her passion in the wellness space.

Was Suzanne Somers Only an Actress and Fitness Guru?

No, Suzanne’s multifaceted persona shone in other areas as well. She was a prolific author, penning numerous wellness books, several of which graced the New York Times bestseller list. Titles such as “Sexy Forever,” “Knockout,” and “Ageless” resonated with many, emphasizing her focus on aging gracefully. She also took her passion for health to the small screen with “The Suzanne Show” on Lifetime, shedding light on emerging health trends.

What Were Some Challenges Faced By Somers in Her Career?

In 1981, Somers faced a major setback when she asked for a raise to match her co-star John Ritter’s salary on “Three’s Company.” The dispute led to her exit from the show. While reflecting on this episode in her life, Suzanne mentioned how she inadvertently became an unofficial feminist icon by demanding equal pay. She believed that the network wanted to set an example with her to deter other actresses from demanding pay equality.

What Was Suzanne’s Approach to Aging and Health?

Embracing age with grace, Suzanne often spoke about growing older without fear. She believed in a holistic approach to health and continuously evolved in her understanding and application of wellness. Her philosophy was simple: age is just a number, and it’s the spirit and health that truly matter. Suzanne’s commitment to health wasn’t just theoretical; she survived an aggressive form of breast cancer for over 23 years, showcasing her resilience and determination.

What Stood Out About Somers’ Personal Life?

Suzanne Somers was not just a public figure; she was a devoted family woman. Married to Alan Hamel for over five decades, their love story is emblematic of enduring Hollywood romances. Suzanne often mentioned her family as one of her proudest accomplishments, emphasizing their importance in her life.


Who was Suzanne Somers?

Suzanne Somers was a celebrated actress, known for “Three’s Company”, and a prominent wellness entrepreneur and author.

When did she pass away?

Suzanne Somers passed away on October 15th, one day before what would’ve been her 77th birthday.

How old was she?

At the time of her death, Suzanne Somers was 76 years old.

Where did she die?

Suzanne Somers passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her immediate family.

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