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How to do the Hair Color Change Trend on TikTok? Viral Challenge Explained

A new trend has taken the TikTok world by storm that will make you want to visit a salon right away. The trend features people showing off their impressive hair color transformations in before-and-after videos.

However, instead of actually getting their hair colored, most users are relying on online filters to get a new look, and the results are pretty amazing. So how can you take part in the challenge and get a virtual new hair color? Read on to find out.

Hair Color Change Trend Takes Over TikTok

The challenge shows people going from brunette to platinum blonde to black-haired real quick with realistic results. The clips feature a person’s before and after looks in the same frame, with the left side being the real color and the right half showcasing the transformed look. The trend has now gone viral on TikTok, with the hashtag #haircolorchange garnering over 400 million views.

The clips also feature audio that has been mixed by TikTok user @not.jayswift. While many believe that there is an in-built filter in the short video-sharing platform that lets people show off the hair color change, such is not the case. There are actually multiple apps in play to bring out the perfect results for the trend. We have detailed all about it in the next section.

How to do the Hair Color Change Trend on TikTok?

To participate in the trend and flaunt your hair transformation, you need the help of the editing apps FaceApp and CapCut. FaceApp uses AI technology to give your photos a makeover. It offers a three-day free trial, after which you will be charged $3.33 per month or $39.99 per year. Alternatively, you can also use the YouCam Makeup app, which is a free alternative. Once you have the photo editing app installed, follow the following steps:

  1. Open FaceApp or YouCam Makeup app.
  2. Select a picture of yourself that you want to edit.
  3. Check out the Hair or Hair Colors section and choose the color of your choice.
  4. You will now see your hair in the picture tuned into the chosen color.
  5. Save the picture to your camera roll.

The CapCut app now comes into play. It is a video editing app by ByteDance, the company which also owns TikTok. Follow the following steps on the app:

  1. Upload both your original and edited photo on the CapCut template. The template for hair color change trend can be found by the name ‘Antes e depois’ from CapCut ID: Lucaspinheiro.
  2. Alternatively, you can find a video that features the challenge. You can do so by searching for the hashtag #haircolorchange. The clip will bear the option ‘CapCut – Try this template’ above the original poster’s username. Select ‘Use Template’ and upload the before and after images.
  3. Preview the video and click on Export. The app will now give you two options: You can either save the video to your device with the CapCut watermark or share it directly on TikTok without the watermark.
  4. That’s it. You can post your video and flaunt your beautiful hair transformation to your followers.

What are your thoughts on the trend? Let us know in the comments section.

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