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Amanda Bynes Leaves Mental Hospital 3 Weeks After Being Admitted For Psychosis

The subject of mental health is a multifaceted and crucial issue that can affect anyone, including individuals in the public eye, such as celebrities. Amanda Bynes, a renowned child star whose rise to fame occurred in the early 2000s, has endured her fair share of battles with her mental well-being.

Most recently, she underwent hospitalization for psychosis, which lasted for three weeks, and now she has been released from the hospital.

She Is Finally Release After 3 Weeks’ Treatment

Amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles, Amanda Bynes was found wandering naked and disoriented, which led to her admission to a mental hospital in California last month.

After a month-long stay, Bynes and the medical team decided it was time for her to leave the facility and begin her outpatient treatment on Monday. She is now set to return to her Southern California home, where she will collaborate with her team of doctors and specialists to maintain her well-being.

After spending nine years under conservatorship, the 37-year-old actress had been enjoying her freedom. However, this setback has made her realize the importance of taking care of her mental health. As she takes this step toward recovery, she hopes to regain her independence.

Almost Nine Years Have Passed Since Amanda Bynes’ Conservatorship Ended

Former child actor Amanda Bynes, aged 35, has been released from a personal conservatorship that has been in place since 2013, following what she described as a “dark period” in her life. Bynes’ father was named the trustee of her assets, and her mother remained in control of her medical and personal affairs.

This arrangement was dissolved in 2017 when Bynes’ assets were moved into a trust. On February 28th, Bynes’ attorney filed a petition to terminate the conservatorship, which a judge granted after her parents expressed their full support.

Bynes released a statement through her attorney expressing her gratitude towards her fans and parents for their support. She also announced her upcoming fragrance line and prioritized her well-being in this next chapter of her life.

Who Is Amanda Bynes?

Amanda Laura Bynes, a renowned American actress, rose to fame as a child artist with her association with ‘Nickelodeon.’ Her Californian upbringing was an excellent breeding ground for her aspirations to become an actress, and her parents supported her dreams by sending her to multiple Hollywood-based comedy classes.

Subsequently, ‘Nickelodeon’ spotted her and offered her a sketch comedy show, ‘The Amanda Show,’ which won numerous ‘Nickelodeon Awards.’ Amanda Laura Bynes made her foray into Hollywood with movies such as ‘Big Fat Liar,’ ‘What a Girl Wants,’ ‘And Hairspray,’ among others.

Her popularity soared when she starred in the series ‘What I Like About You.’ Then, in 2010, Amanda Bynes shocked her fans by announcing her retirement from acting via Twitter, citing her lack of interest in it. However, later that same year, she changed her mind and made a cameo appearance in the movie ‘Easy A.’

Since 2012, Bynes’ public life has changed for the worse. She has exhibited erratic and questionable behavior, leading to her diagnosis of possible schizophrenia and involuntary psychiatric hold by the law. In addition, Amanda Laura Bynes has been on an indefinite hiatus from acting since 2010, leaving her fans wondering if she will ever return to the silver screen.

The recent news of Amanda Bynes’ hospitalization due to psychosis has highlighted the significance of mental health and how it impacts our lives. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize our mental well-being and seek assistance whenever necessary.

We extend our best wishes to Amanda for her recovery journey and hope her story inspires others to take control of their mental health and seek the support they need. Stay tuned for more such updates from the showbiz world.

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