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Council boards up Trimsaran RFC changing rooms



changingroomsboardedTHE CHANGING rooms of Trimaran RFC have been boarded up leaving the club with nowhere to prepare for fixtures over the Christmas period and into the New Year.A concerned club member contacted The Herald to say that council employees were at the changing rooms boarding them up and that he was told that the club had 4 hours to clear out. A club representative who asked not to be named told The Herald: “Three weeks ago we made inquiries about the transfer of asset management. We were confident that we would be able to get a £14,000 grant.

The WRU have over half a million in the pot for improving club facilities like those at Trimaran. “However, Meryl Gravell obviously wants to knock the changing rooms and the Miners Welfare Hall down as part of the council’s plans to build a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) there. “There used to be a £100,000 from the Sports Council to do this but those grants are no longer available because the Sports Council themselves say that the MUGA’S are not viable. There would be three MUGAS within a few miles of each other if that went ahead. They are not being used and they do not serve the purpose of rugby and football clubs.” The representative told us he was shocked to hear of the closure over the phone: “I got a phone call on Tuesday (Dec 22) and was told that the council were there turning the water and electricity off and boarding it up.

They cant do that. The club’s equipment is in there.” Speaking about the future plans the club had for the changing rooms the representative , “The WRU has now divided rugby up to Carms East West and Central. The WRU are putting money into clubs with playing fields they own. Trimsaran owns their own ground. Trimsaran would have been the venue for women’s rugby in May and June with under 8’s to under 16’s training there. To do that you need four changing rooms. All schoolboys matches are also played there. “We need these facilities but Meryl Gravell is trying to force the club to use the changing rooms in Leisure centre which is council subsidised. If we did that we would just be propping up a white elephant. It appears Wayne Jones of the County Council instructed that the changing rooms should be shut down. There has been no attempt to repair the roof. The club doesn’t have facilities on Saturdays now.” The Herald asked the representative what he believed was behind the decision to board up the changing rooms.

His answer betrayed a deep cynicism about the Council’s motivations: “You have to question whether this is a deliberate attempt to destroy the building. They have not given us any notice. The attempt to transfer the asset is ongoing. Meryl Gravell is away and uncontactable. She is supposed to be our local councillor and said nothing to us about this before she went away on holiday! How are we supposed to use the leisure centre changing rooms if nobody is there?” Richie Powell, who is standing for the County Council against Meryl Gravell in May 2017, commented: “It is a bit of a shock to come and see that it has been boarded up. It is one of the busiest and most exciting times for Trimsaran Rugby Club. The place is run down but there is a grant available to make it better. They can’t go and change in the leisure centre. There is a cafe by the front entrance. At this time of year when the ground is wet it will be filthy within minutes. “To close it down like this is so unprofessional. The club has produced so many great rugby players.

They have screwed the boards into the framework of the door and into the walls. They could have come here and sorted out the rocks on top of the roof, fixed the guttering, cleaned up, but not board it up.” The Miners’ Welfare Club is another example of a neglected community asset. It has so much history and has been host to so many great community events. Why can’t they do it up like they did with the hall in Carwe? I would like to ask Meryl Gravell why she has left this rugby club in the lurch and gone of for Christmas without a thought for anyone. They have no permission to go anywhere else.” “The Council should have contacted the club and talked about this. This is embarrassing for the village. It seems that some councillors are too far removed from their communities.

The people running the show are the pen pushers at County Hall. They don’t care about history, heritage or communities.” International athlete Richie continued: “Where do the players who play for Wales come from? It is here at the grass roots level in clubs like Trimsaran. This would not happen over the border in England. We seem to have allowed this council to ride roughshod over everybody and that is why I am making a stand and putting myself forward. The council should be able to step in here and give the club a little help. They seem to be able to find the money for so many other people and projects, which have often been white elephants.” The Herald contacted Carmarthenshire County Council and asked if they could provide any information on why the changing rooms were boarded up. A spokesperson told us: “The changing rooms have been closed due to health and safety reasons until maintenance repairs have been carried out. In the meantime the club has been advised to use the facilities at the leisure centre.”

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Trailer for horror film ‘Protein’ which was shot in Swansea and Llanelli released



PROTEIN is a 2022 British horror crime thriller filmed in west Wales. A couple of gym-obsessed serial killer who murders and eats an area drug supplier for his or her… protein, inadvertently sparking a brutal and bloodthirsty tit-for-tat turf conflict between rival drug gangs.

The movie is the work of Carmarthenshire-based production company Broadside Films, directed by Tony Burke and produced by Tom Gripper. Tom said: “The film is currently going through the post-production process but will be released sometime later this year. We’re hoping to do a festival run first before it goes to wider distribution, but we’re also hoping to have some local showings in Wales, particularly near where it was filmed.

The trailer: Features some of the scenes filmed in Gorseinon and Llanelli (Hand out)

“I’m really proud of it. Even before we cut it, it was really exciting. It is really well directed and really well performed, and thanks to the incredible crew, it is looking really good. I’m really excited for people to see it.

“The trailer features some of the scenes we filmed in Gorseinon and Llanelli so people will be able to recognise those. And of course we’re really grateful to the residents of Swansea and Carmarthenshire for their patience and putting up with us, as well as the crew at Sin City in Swansea, who were amazing and very accommodating, we’re super thankful to them.” These are all the TV and film projects being made in Wales in spring, 2022.


Directed by Tony Burke – making his function movie debut – from a screenplay co-written with Mike Oughton, primarily based on Burke’s 2014 in need of the identical identify.

The Broadside Films manufacturing stars Craig Russell (School of the DamnedNightshootersCanaries aka Alien Party Crashers), Steve Meo, Kai Owen, Ross O’Hennessy, Richard Elis, Gareth John Bale, Charles Dale, Andrea Hall, Richard Mylan and Kezia Burrows.

Cast and characters:

Craig Russell … Sion
Steve Meo … Kevin
Kai Owen … Dwayne
Ross O’Hennessy … Nik
Richard Elis … Big Tim
Gareth John Bale … Gary
Charles Dale … Stanton
Andrea Hall … Patch
Richard Mylan … Joe Llewelyn
Kezia Burrows … Katrina
Jamie Kenna … Fitz
Phil Deguara … Wilkes
Claire Cage … DCI Arning
Justine Jones … Leanne
Andrew Lennon … Carl
Alex Parry … Zef
Darren Swain … Yuri
Dean Lewis … Petr
Russell Daniels … Luan
Christopher Pegler-Lambert … Alexis
Oliver Coles … Lotan
Michelle McTernan … Sian
Derek Palmer … Guy
Ieuan Evans … Kid
Dhean Morris … Delivery Guy
Llew Roderick … Ryan
Julian Lewis Jones … DS Tom Warbler
Ceri Jones … DI Bryan Davies

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Beware of fake E.ON refund emails, warns Action Fraud



ACTION FRAUD – the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime – has said scammers are impersonating Eon in an attempt to steal the recipient’s money and financial details.

The UK’s energy crisis has seen household utility bills rocket following the price cap increase this April, scammers are seeing this as an opportunity to fleece unsuspecting residents out of their hard-earned cash.

Action Fraud said today it has received 449 relating to fake emails – known as phishing – purporting to come from E.ON.

The emails state that the recipient is owed an £85 refund due to an ‘overcharge’.

Action Fraud has said the links to the emails lead to a ‘genuine-looking website’ but they are designed to steal a personal details.

Phishing is a method used by scammers, using fake emails or web links which look trustworthy and familiar, to gain access to sensitive information such as passwords and bank details or to infect your device with malware.

Phishing emails are a very common type of cyber attack and because they’re made to look like they’re from an official source, they’re easy to fall victim of.

They could be from a business you’re a customer of – your gas and electricity supplier, for example – asking you to manage your account or pay a bill.

If you’ve had a suspicious email from someone claiming to be from E.ON, forward it to for their cyber security team to investigate, if you’re a customer or not, and then delete it immediately.

Email safety tips

E.ON has listed four things you can check if you’ve received an email claiming to be from us.

  1. Check the sender’s address

The senders email address may look trustworthy at first, but the name after the ‘@’ (the domain) can give you a clue as to whether it’s bogus. For example if the email is sent from:, this is likely a malicious phishing attempt, as we’d only send emails from

  1. Is the greeting personal?

A genuine email will address you by your full name, and not a generic term like ‘sir’, ‘madam’, or ‘loyal customer’.

  1. Be cautious

If you’re using a mouse, hover over any links you’re unsure of before clicking on them, just to see if the link address looks genuine. If you’re unsure, go to the website directly instead of using the link in the email.

  1. How does it look?

Check the grammar, tone and design of any emails which you receive. Look out for inconsistent fonts, unusual characters and punctuation.

Remember, if you’re unsure, forward the email to and our cyber security team will investigate.

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Ashmole & Co delighted to sponsor local triathlete in his bid to become a champion Ironman



ASHMOLE & CO are delighted to sponsor local tri-athlete Andrew Horsfall-Turner this year as he aims to fulfil his dream of becoming the first British professional male to win at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Andrew, from Swansea, is part of a new generation of up-and-coming Ironman athletes who are ready to challenge the status quo and change the dynamics of the event. He took up Triathlon in 2018 after competing as an elite swimmer for many years. In his first Ironman competition, in 2019 he qualified for Kona as an Age Group athlete.

Jim Cornock, Partner with Ashmole & Co and an Ironman himself said, “It is a pleasure to be able to sponsor Andrew in his bid to become a champion Ironman. It is a fantastic achievement to be able to compete at such a high level in such a demanding mixture of events and we wish him all the luck with his forthcoming championships. As a local business we are always happy to support local sports teams and individuals to help them achieve their goals.”

Last year Andrew took on the Outlaw Triathlon events, the first in June at Outlaw Half Nottingham, he qualified for his Professional Racing License. He went on to break the Ironman Distance Welsh Record when winning Outlaw Full in July.  

Andrew is set to take on Ironman World Championship in Kona

In 2022 Andrew looks to take on the Professional Ironman circuit where the aspiration is to gain qualification to the Ironman World Championships. Within the next five years he aims to contend for the Ironman World Championships title.

Andrew said, “I am so grateful to Ashmole & Co for supporting me. Without sponsorship it is impossible to compete at this level. It would be great to get the backing of other local companies looking to support an athlete as well. Please follow my journey towards an Ironman title on Instagram.”

Ashmole & Co Chartered, Certified Accountants are one of the largest accountancy and auditing practices in Wales, operating from 13 offices throughout south and west Wales including Swansea, Neath, Carmarthen and Haverfordwest. The firm combines high quality audit, accounting, and taxation services with business consultancy and corporate planning.

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