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Brian Fraser Obituary And Cause Of Death Who Was Brian Fraser? How Brian Fraser Died?

Michigan State University (MSU) and its surrounding community have been deeply shaken by a recent tragic event. Brian Fraser, a dedicated student and an emblematic figure in his fraternity and church, lost his life in a horrifying mass shooting on campus. The ripples of this event continue to impact all who knew him and many who have only heard of his commendable life.

Who Was Brian Fraser?

Hailing from a close-knit community, Brian Fraser’s journey began at the church school of St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church located in Grosse Pointe Farms. According to Father James Bilot, Fraser’s association with the church dates back to his Young 5’s, where he exhibited outstanding qualities. Fraser’s early years at the church school laid the foundation for the strong, compassionate, and driven individual he would become. This period of his life was characterized by love, leadership, and an exemplary demonstration of kindness. Whether he was in the classroom, on the athletic field, or simply interacting with the St. Paul community, Brian’s effervescent spirit was evident.

High School and the Promise of a Bright Future

After graduating from the church school in 2017, Brian attended Grosse Pointe South High School. While specifics about his time there remain limited in the information provided, the transition from a church school to a public high school can be transformative. Such environments often provide students the chance to further develop their leadership skills, expand their horizons, and prepare for the challenges of university life.

Michigan State University: A Place of Leadership and Brotherhood

Brian’s journey at MSU was marked by significant accomplishments. Notably, he served as the chapter president of the Michigan Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta, a testimony to his leadership capabilities and the trust his peers placed in him. His fellow fraternity members expressed their profound sorrow at his untimely demise. Their words paint an intimate portrait of an outstanding young man devoted to both Phi Delta Theta fraternity and to his family, MSU community and ideals it stood for. His dedication was evident by how closely he fostered brotherhood among fraternity members while looking out for their wellbeing.

How Brian Fraser Died?

The events of that fateful day at MSU’s Berkey Hall and the MSU Union are chilling. Along with Brian Fraser, two other promising students, Alexandria Verner and Arielle Diamond Anderson, lost their lives. Motives behind the shooting remain unknown, yet its aftermath was profound. Five students are fighting for survival while many more face emotional and psychological fallout as a result of what transpired.

Remembering Brian Fraser

In the face of such a tragedy, it becomes vital to focus on preserving the memories of those lost. A vigil was planned at St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church, a testament to the pivotal role Brian played in his community. Such events, while somber, provide a space for collective mourning and remembering the radiant life of Brian Fraser.

The Broader Implications of the MSU Shooting

This tragedy at MSU is, unfortunately, a stark reminder of the growing concern surrounding gun violence in educational institutions. Discussions around campus security, mental health, and gun control come to the forefront. How can educational institutions be made safer? How can students be provided with better psychological support? These are questions that need addressing, as the safety of students remains paramount.

The journey ahead for the MSU community is a challenging one. While the void left by Brian Fraser and the other victims can never be filled, it is essential to provide support to the grieving families, the injured, and the traumatized students. Honoring these students by remembering and cherishing their contributions while making sure such tragedies do not recur will truly pay our respects to their memories.

At MSU, Brian Fraser’s untimely death marks more than just student loss; it represents loss of leadership, brotherhood and hope in our midst. While mourning this tragic event takes place within our campus community, it’s crucial that their lives and legacies live on in meaningful ways.


1. Who was Brian Fraser?
Brian Fraser was a Michigan State University sophomore, Phi Delta Theta chapter president, and active church community member.

2. How did Brian Fraser pass away?
Brian tragically lost his life in a mass shooting incident on Michigan State University’s campus.

3. What was his involvement at MSU?
He was the chapter president of Phi Delta Theta and a recognized leader within the fraternity and university.

4. Will there be a memorial service for Brian?
Yes, a vigil is planned at St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church in Grosse Pointe Farms.

5. How has the community reacted to his death?
The community is deeply saddened, with many expressing grief and remembering Brian’s leadership and kindness.

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