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Coleen Rooney Vs Rebekah Vardy: The Wagatha Christie Saga Unveiled

The modern era has gifted us with instant access to news, gossip, and scandals that transpire among celebrities. But when disputes involve detective work and mirror the narratives of a bestselling novelist like Agatha Christie, they catch the public eye even more. One such scandal that took Britain by storm revolved around Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing narrative, a saga that has found its way into a Disney+ documentary.

The Emergence of Coleen Rooney: From Footballer’s Wife to TV Personality

Coleen’s entrance into the public eye was initially as the wife of the renowned Manchester United footballer, Wayne Rooney. But the spotlight didn’t fade after their grand wedding in 2008. Instead, it marked the inception of her individual public career. Her tenure as a magazine columnist was characterized by her candid opinions, her astute observations, and an insight into her glamorous lifestyle. Her association with television broadened her fan base, giving her a platform to connect with audiences in a personal way. Her status as a WAG (footballer’s wife or girlfriend) combined with her career moves, led her to accumulate a considerable net worth, estimated at a whopping £15.5 million ($18.8 million) in May 2022.

The Dispute’s Origin: A Tweet Gone Viral

Social media has often been a platform for personal revelations and the airing of grievances. But rarely do such instances explode the way Coleen’s accusatory tweet towards Rebekah Vardy did in October 2019. The underlying contention? Private family information was being leaked to the press. Coleen’s subsequent statement to Disney+ sheds light on the gravity of her sentiment, revealing how crucial it was for her to set a trap and gather evidence against the perpetrator.

The Insta-Detective: How Coleen Set Her Trap

For an ordinary individual, suspicion about a friend would lead to confrontation or distance. Not for Coleen. Channeling her inner detective, she turned to her private Instagram account. Through a meticulous strategy, Coleen posted falsified stories about her life, accessible only to Rebekah. When these fabrications found their way into tabloids, it became clear who was behind the leaks. This masterful investigative move not only showcased Coleen’s intelligence but also her determination to protect her family’s privacy.

The Aftermath: Social Media’s Wagatha Christie Phenomenon

The climactic outing of Rebekah on social media sent the internet into a frenzy. Comparisons between Coleen’s sleuthing prowess and that of detective novelist Agatha Christie’s narratives became inescapable. The term “Wagatha Christie” emerged as an amalgamation of ‘WAG’ and ‘Agatha,’ epitomizing the saga’s essence and the dramatic confrontation between the two women.

The Courtroom Drama: The Defamation Case Decoded

Glamour magazine reported on the evolution of the saga from a social media dispute to a high-profile court case in May 2022. Rebekah Vardy’s decision to accuse Coleen of libel transformed personal grievances into a legal battle. As the trial unfolded, both parties presented their arguments, awaiting Justice Steyn’s verdict. The ruling favored Coleen, with the judge deeming her accusations “substantially true,” further vindicating her investigative actions.

The Documentary: A Glimpse into Coleen’s Perspective

Disney+’s upcoming documentary promises to unravel this complex saga, presenting an in-depth exploration of Coleen’s journey. Titled “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story,” it pledges to disclose the nuances of the case, offering viewers an unparalleled understanding of the events that transpired.

The Coleen Rooney vs. Rebekah Vardy narrative is emblematic of the contemporary era, where personal disputes can escalate into national sensations, thanks to the power of social media. With Disney+ bringing the story to the forefront again, audiences worldwide will be waiting to witness this intricate blend of personal drama and detective intrigue on their screens.


1. Who is Coleen Rooney?
Coleen Rooney is a TV personality, magazine columnist, and wife of former English footballer Wayne Rooney.

2. Why was Coleen Rooney’s 2019 tweet significant?
She accused Rebekah Vardy of leaking private family stories to the press, sparking a major public dispute.

3. How did Coleen verify her suspicions about Rebekah?
Coleen strategically posted false stories on her private Instagram, accessible only to Rebekah, and monitored the leaks.

4. What was the outcome of the libel trial?
Justice Steyn ruled in Coleen’s favor, stating her accusations against Rebekah Vardy were “substantially true.”

5. What is the “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story” documentary about?
It explores Coleen’s investigative journey to uncover the source of her private information leaks to the media.

6. Where can I watch this documentary?
The documentary streams exclusively on Disney+ starting October 18, 2023.

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