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Bangaru Adigalar Net Worth, Bio, Age, Cause Of Death & How Did He Die?

Born in the quiet town of Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu, Bangaru Adigalar emerged as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and selfless service. This revered spiritual leader, often known as ‘Amma’ by his devoted followers, left an indelible mark on the hearts of many. Through his teachings and the institutions he established, Adigalar’s legacy lives on. This article delves into the life, teachings, and impact of Bangaru Adigalar.

Who was Bangaru Adigalar?

Arulthiru Bangaru Adigalar’s journey from a humble birth in Melmaruvathur on March 3, 1941, to becoming a spiritual icon in South India is truly awe-inspiring. The title ‘Adigalar’ signifies reverence, indicative of the respect and admiration he garnered over his 82 years. His spiritual insights, combined with his dedication to community service, set him apart. Adigalar’s teachings, rooted in compassion, resonated with many, leading to an expansive following.

Why was he called ‘Amma’?

It might seem unusual for a male spiritual guru to be addressed as ‘Amma’, which translates to ‘mother’ in Tamil. This term of endearment originated from the profound maternal care and affection Adigalar exhibited towards his devotees. Furthermore, many believed he was the embodiment of the supreme power, Adhiparasakthi. This belief transformed his persona from a mere spiritual teacher to a divine conduit, guiding followers towards enlightenment.

Adiparasakthi Charitable Trust: How did Adigalar contribute to society?

Beyond his spiritual teachings, Adigalar’s tangible contributions are evident in the establishment of the Adiparasakthi Charitable Medical Educational and Cultural Trust. Serving as its president, he oversaw various charitable initiatives aimed at uplifting the community. From healthcare to education, the trust embodied Adigalar’s vision of service, ensuring that benefits reached the underprivileged and those in dire need.

The Mystery Surrounding Adigalar’s Personal Life

Despite his public persona, much of Bangaru Adigalar’s personal life remained private. His wife’s details, for instance, have been discreetly kept away from public scrutiny, safeguarding the family’s privacy. Nonetheless, he was a proud father to two children, G.B.Anbalagan and G.B.Sethil Kumar, who have maintained their own low profiles amidst the shadow of their father’s expansive legacy.

Bangaru Adigalar Net Worth

While spirituality and financial worth may seem like contrasting realms, Bangaru Adigalar’s net worth, estimated between $3 to $5 million, highlights the reach and influence of his teachings. It’s essential to understand that such figures not only represent personal wealth but also indicate the resources at his disposal to drive the numerous charitable initiatives he passionately believed in.

Bangaru Adigalar Cause Of Death

The news of Bangaru Adigalar’s demise on October 19, 2023, sent shockwaves across the spiritual community. The cause, identified as a heart attack, marked the end of an era of spiritual guidance and relentless service. Adigalar’s passing might have left a void, but his teachings and the institutions he established ensure that his legacy will continue to guide and inspire generations to come.

Bangaru Adigalar’s life, filled with spiritual fervor, compassion, and service, remains a testament to the power of faith and dedication. From the lanes of Melmaruvathur to the hearts of countless devotees worldwide, his legacy is an enduring beacon of hope and spiritual solace. As time progresses, the teachings and initiatives of Adigalar will undoubtedly continue to inspire and guide those on a spiritual quest.


  1. Who was Bangaru Adigalar?
    Bangaru Adigalar was a revered South Indian spiritual guru, also known as ‘Amma’, and hailed from Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu.
  2. What did Bangaru Adigalar represent to his followers?
    Adigalar was considered an incarnation of the supreme power, Adhiparasakthi, guiding devotees towards spiritual enlightenment.
  3. How did Bangaru Adigalar contribute to the community?
    Adigalar founded the Adiparasakthi Charitable Trust, which promoted medical, educational, and cultural initiatives for the underprivileged.
  4. What is known about Bangaru Adigalar’s personal life?
    He had two children, G.B.Anbalagan and G.B.Sethil Kumar, while details about his wife remain private.
  5. How did Bangaru Adigalar pass away?
    Bangaru Adigalar died due to a heart attack on October 19, 2023.

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