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What is the Meaning of 1087 on TikTok? Viral Trend Explained

TikTok seems to have found a new obsession with numbers. Over the last few days, a series of codes and numbers have made it to several videos on the platform, leaving users confused. Well, the numbers are part of a new trend.

After the recent number code trend, which made people reveal the initials of their crush on TikTok, the number 1087 is now appearing on several clips on the platform. But what is the meaning of 1087, and why are people using it in their videos? Read on to find out.

What is the Meaning of 1087 on TikTok?

The number 1087 in a TikTok video is used in reference to an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or an ex-friend. The number represents the phrase ‘I miss the old us.’ So it is a coded message for someone’s partner, and a new way to keep the information private to only the intended person, while the video stays for everyone to watch.

1087 is being used in captions, and by some people as a part of their videos. However, not only 1087 but a whole lot of codes have been developed by social media users related to love, relationships, breakups and heartbreaks. Here is the full list of coded messages:

0563: Please don’t leave me

5801: I’m sorry for loving you

143: I love you

2201: Stay happy love

2789: I’m tired of life

4202: Let’s end this

1730: You made another pain

0931: I’m losing feelings

9080: I want you with me

1543: I still love you

5555: I miss your voice, especially you

1007: Feel my love

6929: Thank you, goodbye

1087: I miss the old us

0473: Hug me please

4284: Our story will never end for now

107: Come back

3639: You change

So the next time you see any of the above numbers in a TikTok, you know the hidden message it possesses.

1087 is also an Angel Number

While the number is being used as a coded message on TikTok, 1087 has another meaning as the angel number of wisdom. Some people believe that if you start to see the number 1087 everywhere randomly, it will be a sign that you need to be positive in life, even if things are not going your way.

Positivity is said to build strength and character, which will lead to wisdom. So if you notice the number anywhere, consider it a positive sign, except for TikTok, where your ex might be trying to send out a different message with the number.

The Number Trend on TikTok

The 1087 code seems to be an extension of the Instagram Notes Number trend which went viral a few days ago. As per the trend, TikToker used codes like o22, o45, and o33, which represented the initial letter of their crush’s or partner’s name.

The trend first started on Instagram, where users started posting alphanumeric combinations in the Notes section. People are using the codes in their TikTok videos and captions to introduce their love interests to the world, without revealing their real identities. The full list of the combinations and codes can be found here.

What are your thoughts on the 1087 trend? Let us know in the comments section.

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