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Robert Crosby Obituary 1994 And Cause Of Death What Happened To Robert Crosby?

Robert Crosby Frasier, a prominent figure in the Hollywood circuit, was known for his dynamic acting skills and his contributions as a producer. Like many talented individuals, he faced personal challenges, but his legacy continues to shine bright. Let’s delve deeper into the life and contributions of this iconic figure.

Who was Robert Crosby Frasier?

Born on April 17, 1944, Robert Crosby Frasier emerged as a beacon of talent in Hollywood. With a career spanning across multiple decades, Frasier showcased his versatility by taking on varied roles in both television series and movies. The magnanimity of his talent was palpable, drawing audiences and critics alike to appreciate his artistry.

What were Robert’s significant roles in TV and Films?

Robert Crosby Frasier’s filmography is studded with gems. One of his standout roles came in the film, ‘Silverado,” where his captivating performances won over audiences worldwide. On TV series like Cheers or House MD he showcased his ability to deliver flawless performances consistently and impressive audiences with each performance he gave. His ability to resonate with audiences, irrespective of the medium, made him a cherished figure in Hollywood.

How did Robert Crosby Frasier contribute as a producer?

Beyond his acting prowess, Robert ventured into the production realm, primarily focusing on crime dramas and thrillers. His keen eye for detail and passion for storytelling were evident in each project he undertook, adding another feather to his cap as both an experienced actor and producer.

What personal challenges did Robert face in his life?

Life in Hollywood, with its glitz and glamour, also comes with its own set of challenges. Robert Crosby Frasier’s battle with addiction was well-documented, serving as a poignant reminder that talent and personal struggles can sometimes coexist. Yet, despite these battles, Robert’s commitment to his craft never waned, making his journey all the more inspirational.

How did the entertainment industry react to his death?

On July 29th 1994, news of Robert Crosby Frasier’s passing sent shockwaves through Hollywood. Industry titans mourned a talented star – tributes poured in from every direction; The Los Angeles Times dedicated an entire obituary page to him commemorating his accomplishments within entertainment – leaving an irreplaceable hole behind in Los Angeles.

What led to Robert Crosby Frasier’s demise?

Robert’s tragic demise can be attributed to severe pulmonary edema, a condition characterized by fluid accumulation in the lungs that may be brought on by various sources ranging from cardiovascular conditions and exposure to high altitude environments to sudden exposures such as altitude sickness. Robert’s passing serves as a stark reminder that even seemingly strong individuals may succumb unexpectedly, reminding us all to cherish every day as life slips through our grasps.

Robert Crosby Frasier’s career journey in Hollywood stands as testament to both his unmatched talent and indomitable spirit. Though faced with personal obstacles, his legacy will always serve as a reminder of all he contributed to Hollywood history and lives he touched.


1. Who was Robert Crosby Frasier in Hollywood?

Answer: Robert Crosby Frasier was a renowned American actor and producer known for roles in “Cheers” and “Silverado.”

2. What was Robert Crosby Frasier’s most notable film role?

Answer: One of his standout film roles was in “Silverado,” captivating audiences with his exceptional performance.

3. How did Robert contribute to the crime drama genre?

Answer: As a producer, Robert prominently contributed to crime dramas and thrillers, showcasing his storytelling expertise.

4. What personal battles did Robert Crosby Frasier face?

Answer: Robert grappled with addiction, reflecting the dichotomy of talent coexisting with personal challenges.

5. What caused Robert Crosby Frasier’s untimely death?

Answer: His demise was due to severe pulmonary edema, a condition causing fluid accumulation in the lungs.

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